While not exclusively the domain of the fifties, the popularity of pink bathrooms — especially when it included pink sinks, toilets and bathtubs — certainly reached its peak during the middle of the century.

The fascination with the gentle, rose-tinted hue hasn’t been fully explained, but several theories have been offered. Save the Pink Bathrooms suggests both post-war cheeriness — particularly after so many years of drab shades — and mentions the influence of former first lady Mamie Eisenhower, for whom the color “Mamie Pink” was named.

We wonder if basic vanity wasn’t a big motive, as the color pink is flattering to many complexions. As interior decorator Mary T Luscher told the Cedar Rapids Gazette in 1953, “I never suggest light blue because it’s a cold color. Yellow makes most women look sallow. And light green is a combination of blue and yellow. But pink is a wonder color… It’ll remind you how nice it is to be feminine — just like wearing a lacy slip under a tailored suit.”

Vintage pink bathrooms from the fifties


Pink bathtub, sink and toilet



A rosy corner bathtub with matching sink and commode, accented with kelly green

A rosy corner bathtub with matching sink and commode


Double-pink sinks and matching tub and toilet, accented with orange walls

Double-pink sinks and matching tub and toilet


Pink and red and flowers everywhere you look!

Pink and red and flowers


A perfectly pink dressing table for her, with just a touch of red



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A pink sink and pink tile offsets the gray bathtub and flooring



Dad and daughter both love the bathroom that features pink and blue



An olive green color tones down the pink of the tub and sink



A pink sink cabinet, tub and wall shelf plays against red and black



Yellow is the main color in this lavatory, making the pink tub, toilet and sink stand out just a little less



A thoroughly feminine bathroom suite

A thoroughly feminine bathroom suite


White sinks, inset in pale pink angled cabinetry



The bathroom fixtures are white, but the thousand pink tiles still dominate this restroom



A very fanciful yellow and pink bathroom


Jayne Mansfield’s restroom

And, finally, here’s the legendary Jayne Mansfield stepping into her heart-shaped bathtub inside her “Pink Palace” home. (Now don’t you want to put up shag carpeting on your walls, too?)


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