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Meet the Tattooed Lady (1909)

Gus Wagner is considered one of the first tattoo professionals, and sharing space with him on the marquee was his tattooed wife, Maud, who was at least as much of an attraction,

A day with Helen Keller (1906)

A Day With Helen Keller by Joseph Edgar Chamberlin Sometimes we dream, or like to imagine, that we are something different from what we are. By a dismal freak of fancy we conceive ourselves, in such a d... Read more...

New Cadillac design announced (1913)

The Cadillac innovation mentioned herein was a two-speed rear axle, combined with a door-mounted, electrically-operated shifter which allowed the driver to change the rear axle ratios from low to high, ther... Read more...

King Tut’s coffin is uncovered (1923)

Tut's coffin is uncovered Resplendent shrine upsets Egyptian theories Luxor, Egypt, December 17, 1923 - All preconceived ideas of Tutenkhamun's golden shrine were upset by the sight of this impressive cof... Read more...

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