Space Fidgit: The cosmic color-changing disc toy from the ’70s & ’80s

Orange and green vintage Space Fidgit - Fidget toys

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So many people remember these doodads that were all over the US during the ’70s and ’80s. (They’re often described along the lines of, “Remember that little round toy from the seventies where you pressed on the back with your finger to squish stuff around and it changed colors?”)

They were about 3 inches in diameter, usually cost less than a buck, and were a fun and mesmerizing — almost soothing — novelty toy. The concept was pretty simple — there was a hard transparent plastic top, and a white vinyl sticker on the back. And in between the two? That’s where the magic happened.

space-fidgit-toyThe Space Fidgit (which people often remember as just “a Fidget”) was filled with an iridescent liquid crystal goo that changed color depending on the where and how you applied pressure to the sticker side, as well as how you tilted the toy when looking at it.

The colors mostly ranged from a blue-green to an orange-pink, as you can see on this page. The toy was also sensitive to heat — and if it got hot enough, the crystal goo became dark until it cooled down.

We’re guessing that the “space” in the name either came from the fact that they said the liquid crystal was “space-age material” — but the patterns that could be created also looked like mini-galaxies.

It was good they were cheap, because they didn’t last forever. If you pushed too hard on the squishy side, or nicked it with a fingernail, the goop inside would come out. And if you managed to keep it intact, after awhile the crystal gel would dry out.

Where can you get one now? These vintage toys have been available on and off over the years — mostly sold through companies who offer them as sales freebies — but we haven’t seen any new ones for sale since about 2008. You can, however, check auction sites to see if any come up for sale, and if you want something somewhat similar in the meantime, check out these liquid crystal sheets.

For now, though — and for free! — you’re invited to take a look back at these cool vintage toys right here and right now.

Space Fidgit - vintage color-changing fidget toy from the 70s

Space Fidgit toys (1986)

Rub my back… and create fantastic color patterns – Try it!

Tilt Space Fidgit for more colors

Made in USA by Game Parts, Inc. Northvale, NJ 07647

Orange and green vintage Space Fidgit - Fidget toys

Enjoy cosmic pleasure with Space Fidgit – the magic color disc (1986)

… made with space-age pressure and heat-sensitive liquid crystal material

Space Fidgit toy - retro

FIDGIT makes a fascinating novelty gift for anyone. Just rub the back with finger.

  • A personal doodler – Just rub back of Space Fidgit with your finger (as shown).
  • Play tricks on your friends by asking them to talk to the Space Fidgit while you secretly scratch back. It will appear as though the voice is causing lines and colors to change.
  • Find your pulse by pressing Space Fidgit on inside of wrist and see colors go “beat, beat, beat, beat…”
  • Place the heat-sensitive Space Fidgit under incandescent light bulb on a warm day and watch it turn black. Remove from light and original color will return as it cools.
  • Rub back of Space Fidgit over towel or other rough cloth to see various designs.
  • Your Space Fidgit is perfect for use as a coaster.

Note: If liquid crystal material collects in one section of circle, simply press and smooth out with thumb or forefinger, until liquid covers entire circle.

Made in USA by Game Parts, Inc.; Northvale NJ [’80s version]

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Space Fidgit toy - back of package

Fidgit: The mystifying color disc

(Packaging from at least 1973-1976)

Your finger is the magic wand

“Rub disc through back of card and see fantastic color patterns and changes”

As seen on TV

Tilt Fidgit for more colors — Hours of fascination for all ages

Made and printed in USA / Athol Plastics Corp. Athol, Mass 01331

Fidgit The mystifying color disc

Space Fidgit (space fidget) toy packaging from the ’80s

Space Fidgit (space fidget) toy packaging from the '80s

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  1. I have a bunch of these Space Fidgits for sale on Ebay.
    They are new, old stock and are being sold loose and not on the cardboard package.

  2. I have been looking for a Fidgit for months! If you have one to sell, please let me know!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  3. Please TEXT ME when you have one to sell space fidgit. 504-400-3425. I’ve wanted one for years! I never read email nor ebay messages, nor do I talk on the phone (I’m weird) so please text. Thank you much!

  4. I have a bunch of these Space Fidgits for sale on Ebay.
    They are new, old stock and are being sold loose and not on the cardboard package.

    1. Hi, it shows that you’ve actually had (a bunch) of these guys for sale back in Dec. 2015 and now again about 5 months ago in Dec. 2020? Can I ask if you would have any idea of getting another (bunch) of fidgets in the near future – whenever that might be. I bet they sell pretty quick. Keep up the good work, you make people smile.

    2. Do you still have any? I always had mine with me when I was a kid. Not many people remember this toy

  5. Anybody remember a similar thing from the 60’s? It was a rectangular case that resembled a small cell phone and had some heat-sensitive liquid inside that would move around when you put a finger behind it. Would love to find one of these! -Rob

    1. I remember it. I’ve tried for years to remember the name of the rectangle color changing toy but I can’t. I’d love to see pictures of one.

  6. Yes…I had the rectangle one in the sisters as well. I want one of these space fidgets as I had one in 1993..and lost it. Been looking for them ever since. They were great for my nerves and stress. Please let me know where..if I can purchase more. Thank you!

  7. I have one! It is still in the packaging. Not seeing them on eBay so please message me thecansurvivor at gmail if you are interested in purchasing it from me. Will ship it out via USPS to US addresses.

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