11 vintage ’50s bathroom floors in vinyl & linoleum

Bathroom floors from the '50s

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Ribbon striped flooring in this retro restroom

Not only did they have a fancy floor, that’s some next-level floral decorating they had going on in this bathroom back in 1950.

Vintage bathroom flooring patterns from 1950

Vintage ’50s bathroom flooring: Striped vintage vinyl (1956)

Striped vintage floor for the bathroom from 1956

1950s bathroom decor with vinyl floor and sunken bathtub

1950s bathroom decor with vinyl floor and sunken bathtub

Fancy old-fashioned ’50s bathroom in yellow and pale green

Vintage Armstrong vinyl floors - Flooring from the 1950s (2)

Flooring from the fifties: Custom pink, black & white floor design made with inlaid marbled tile

Pink white black retro flooring from the 1950s

20 vintage pink bathrooms: See some wild bubblegum-era midcentury home decor of the 1950s & 1960s

Retro red black & pink bathroom from 1955

Retro red black and pink bathroom from 1955

Custom bathroom flooring with creative pattern (1950)

Express your own good taste in decorating your home by creating floors of your own design. It’s no trick at all with the help of Armstrong’s Custom-Craft motifs.

The woman who designed the bathroom [below], for example, chose a Marbelle Linoleum, No. 021 for the field. As a feature spot, she then selected a classic Custom-Craft inset. She completed her clever design with gray and white Linostrips. The walls are Armstrong’s Linowall. II

Custom bathroom flooring with creative pattern 1950

A powder room bath in blue, red and grey

Vintage blue bathroom decor from 1951

Simple black & white checkerboard floor

Square and check-patterned floors were popular in the ’50s & ’60s

Vintage black and white checkerboard bathroom floor - 1957

Burl design with circular insets

When Mrs Hart remodeled, she got her dream bathroom at last.

Vintage bathroom flooring from 1958

And now for a little ad awkwardness from the fifties: 20 glamorous housewives who REALLY loved their toilet paper


Vinyl flooring from 1958 in a bathroom with a sunken tub

Brilliantly inspired by abstract art — this refreshing bathroom floor is “Terazzo Chip”… latest and loveliest Kentile solid vinyl tile.

It’s resilient… greaseproof and waterproof… a dream to clean, and wears and wears. Remember, too, such glowing colors and fashion designs are found only in Kentile floors.

Vinyl flooring from 1958 in a bathroom featuring a sunken tub

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