Vintage 1970s watches for men, women & kids in up-to-the minute styles

Vintage 1970s watches for men and women

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With styles ranging from glamorous to groovy, these vintage 1970s watches helped Americans of all ages keep good time throughout the seventies and beyond.

Vintage Jules Jurgensen watches: He didn’t get to be 230 years old with a bum ticker (1970)

Jules Jurgensen is probably the oldest brand name in continuous existence. That says something about the performance of a product of any kind.

Think of what it means in watches. Where minute differences can make or a reputation.

Jules Jurgensen timepieces are made by highly paid Swiss craftsmen who spend hours to find a missing second. We’re tougher on our watches before they’re shipped out than you’ll be on them after you get them. Each part is checked when the movement is apart. Then checked again when the parts are put together.

We have inspectors who watch over the inspectors. Our designers are just as finicky as our watchmakers. About the width of the hands, the finish of the case, the proportion of the numerals.

Small wonder so many Jules Jurgensen watches find their way into museum horological exhibits.

Remember, there’s no present like the time. Especially this Mutton chronograph with stop-go-return action. It features a 60-second dial, 45-minute indicator, and stainless steel racing attachment. 17 jewel movement, of course.

Give a man the stainless steel Manor B and he’ll find something to time. Surprisingly priced at about $135. Other Jules Jiirgensen watches from $80 to $10,000 at fine stores everywhere.

Vintage 70s Jules Jurgensen watches (1970)

Electronic Timex watches (1971)

One of the most remarkable things about the Electronic TIMEX is the price. $50.

There are other remarkable things about this remarkable watch. Its transistorized circuit gives you 99.99/ accuracy. It never needs winding. A replaceable energy cell powers it for one year.

It has an automatic calendar that keeps you up to date. And a jump-sweep second hand that keeps you up to the second. it’s water and dust resistant. And comes in a choice of six handsome styles.

It’s a remarkable watch. At a remarkable price. The Electronic TIMEX! It never needs winding.

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Electronic Timex watch (1971)

Vintage 1970s watches for men from Sears (1971)

15. Jewel Wrist Alarm. To set alarm, turn special crown .. red hand is time iv setting indicator. At designated time, buzzer sounds. Base metal case; stainless steel back. Luminous hands; sweep hand. Shock and water resistant. Water buffalo-grained cowhide strap.

16 Digital Watch shows hour and minutes in one quick glance. Base metal case; stainless steel back. Black Arabic numerals on white track. Shock resistant. Suede-look Corfam® poromeric strap.

17. Calendar Watch has chrome-plated base metal case; stainless steel back. Gray dial with luminous hands and markers. 60-minute rotating bezel shows elapsed time. Sweep hand. Unbreakable mainspring. Black woven-look vinyl strap.

18. Day-Date Calendar Watch has yellow gold-color base metal case; stainless steel back. Yellow dial has raised markers. Sweep hand. Quick-set date changer. Unbreakable mainspring. Shock-resistant. Mod black leather strap. 4 K 16128—Shipping weight 4 ounces

19. Self-windCalendar Watch has chrome-plated base metal case; stainless steel back. Black dial; luminous hands, markers, numerals. Sweep hand. 60-min. rotating bezel shows elapsed time. Unbreakable mainspring. Black vinyltropic strap.

Sears mens' watches (1971)

The Bulova Men’s Lib Watch (1972)

Is your wristwatch a time chauvinist? Does it demand too much of your time for the time it gives?

With the boredom of winding it every day? And the drudgery of turning the hands through 24 hours, just to reset the date? (Maybe it doesn’t even tell you the date. Or the day.)

Well, Bulova has a watch that will give you freedom, now. A self-winding date and day watch. With a quick-set feature that lets you adjust end-of-the-month dates with a pull and push of the stem.

It’s water-resistant and shock resistant (to help free you from worrying about its health). And it has a time-tested Bulova movement (to help free you from worrying about its reliability). 

The Quick -Set Date and Day Automatic. In styles ranging from radical to conservative. At all fine jewelry and department stores. BULOVA. These days the right time isn’t enough.

Watches shown from left to right: President C (23 Jewels) $75. Clipper AQ (17 Jewels) $75. Senator F (23 Jewels. 10K solid gold bezel case) $95

The Bulova Men's Lib Watch (1972)

Bulova Oceanographer watch (1972)

Bulova Oceanographer watch (1972)

Vintage Caravelle watches by Bulova (1972)

Vintage Caravelle watches by Bulova (1972)

Electronic Timex watches for men – time and date (1972)

With every Electronic Timex; you automatically get the date.

You also get a transistorized circuit that gives you 99.99% accuracy. And a jump-sweep second hand. And a watch that’s water-resistant and dust-resistant. The Electronic TIMEX Watch. In many handsome styles.

The Electronic TIMEX: No winding. Transistorized accuracy. From $50.

Electronic Timex watches for men - time and date (1972)

Westclox watches for men & women (1973)

The styles are up to the minute. But the prices are behind the times. And all of them come with the most up-to-date features available. Like shock absorber systems and unbreakable mainsprings. Take a closer look.

A. Here’s a men’s calendar watch with automatic calendar advance. $36.95*

B. The fashion look. A tapered adjustable mesh bracelet and gold-color case. $39.95*

C. Men’s day-date watch with instant reset date. Water resistant case and radial brushed silver dial. $54.95*

D. The one-piece bracelet look with diamond cut dial and marquis case. $37.95*

E. The lady skindiver. Water resistant. With a movable-elapsed time diver’s ring. $34.95*

F. The long rectangular sport watch comes with embossed numerals and hour markers. $29.95*

G. This watch with the faceted hour markers and rich champagne dial is $38.95*

H. Gold-color, water resistant, day-date calendar watch. With Calvert-grain leather strap. Only $39.95*

It’s good to know that even though our styles are keeping up with the times, our prices aren’t.

* Manufacturer’s suggested retail prices.

Westclox watches for men and women (1973)

Vintage watches for kids, from Sears (1974)

A COLLECTION for the younger set — For active guys & for special girls

10. Rugged Sport-style Calendar Watch has a 60-minute rotating bezel that shows elapsed time. Chrome-plated base metal case: stainless steel case back: gray dial. Luminous hands and dots, sweep second hand. Shock and water-resistant. Rugged black vinyl strap. Switzerland.

11. Day-Date Calendar Watch. Boldly-styled time-piece gives time, day and date. Chrome-plated-base metal case; stainless steel back: silver-color dial. Luminous hands and dots, sweep second hand. Shock and water-resistant. Mod-look black leather strap with hobnails. From Switzerland.

12. Distinctive Digital Watch shows time the modern way… in one quick glance. Hour and minute numerals move on dual tracks. Rich gold-color base metal case has stainless steel back. Champagne-color dial. Handsome perforated brown suede-look Cor-fam poromeric strap. From Switzerland.

13. Heart-shaped Watch is so feminine looking .. ideal for those special occasions. Chrome-plated base metal case with stainless steel back. White dial. Black nylon cord strap. From Switzerland. Shown about 3/4 actual size.

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14. Animated “Beating Heart” Watch… a tiny white dot within red heart on dial “beats” in time to every tick-tock. Charming style has yellow gold-color base metal case with stainless steel back. Shock resistant Swiss movement has an unbreakable mainspring. Bright red crinkle patent vinyl strap has cut-out hearts. Shown about 3/4 actual size.

15. Two-strap Watch Set… two looks for the price of one. Features two patent vinyl snap-on straps .. one blue, one white. Smart yellow gold-color base metal case has blue enameled bezel, stainless steel back. White dial. From Switzerland. 

(16 thru 18) The Peanuts Gang Watch Sets star those fun-loving characters made famous by Determined Productions, Inc. All have chrome-plated base metal case with stainless steel back, full Arabic numeral dial for easy reading. Swiss movement with unbreakable mainspring.

16. Charlie Brown, the philosopher, wears his baseball cap and stands on pitcher’s mound. Charlie’s moving hands point to the time. Yellow dial; smart black vinyl strap. Comes with a green 3-inch diameter cloth sew-on patch that reads “I need all the friends I can get.” 4 H 18732—Shipping weight 5 ounces $15.95

17. Snoopy grins gleefully on this delightful watch. His moving paws mark the time. Red dial; smart red vinyl strap. Comes with a blue 3-inch diameter cloth sew-on patch which proclaims “It’s Hero Time.”

18. It’s Lucy with a whole wardrobe of looks .. one watch with three shiny vinyl straps: one white, one pink, one blue. Watch has a white dial. Lucy is dressed in bright pink .. her moving hands point to the time. United Feature Syndicate, Inc.

Vintage watches for kids (1974)

Stellaris electronic watches for men (1974)

Stellaris electronic watches for men (1974)

Women’s wristwatches & necklace watches at Sears (1974)

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Women's wristwatches and necklace watches at Sears (1974)

Vintage fashion watches for women (1974)

Vintage fashion watches (1974)

A variety of vintage 1970s electronic watches (1975)

Vintage 1970s electronic watches (1975)

Longines Wittnauer vintage 1970s watches (1977)

Nothing brings a watch to life like diamonds, and Wittnauer does it with style!

Diamonds! Diamonds! Diamonds! Each one is sized, cut and artfully matched to superb Swiss timepieces crafted by Wittnauer.

Ladies may choose from eighteen Diamond Bolero models. For men, Wittnauer now offers twenty-eight Diamond Award styles — from the most elegantly understated to the frankly outrageous. One is right for you.

Come see the Wittnauer Diamond Dial collection at your jeweler’s, or write to the Longines-Wittnauer Watch Company, New Rochelle, N.Y. 10810 for your free brochure. Time can be beautiful.

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Longines Wittnauer vintage 1970s watches (1977)

Vintage watches from Sears (1979)

Vintage watches from Sears (1979)

Timex watches from 1979

Timex watches from 1979

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’70s & ’80s

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