Remember Snackin’ Cake – the 1970s dessert you could mix, bake and serve in 1 pan?

Vintage Snackin Cake box fronts

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People across the nation loved all eight kinds of Snackin’ Cake — easy cake mixes that you mixed, baked, and served in the same pan.

These delicious little unfrosted cakes came in flavors like Banana Walnut, Chocolate Chip, Coconut Pecan, and several other varieties. (And yes, the product was really called Snackin’ Cake, not Snacking Cake.)

Take a look back to these long-gone boxed dessert mixes here!

Introducing Betty Crocker Snackin’ Cake (1972)

(You mix, bake and serve it right in the same pan.)

And you can be sure that pan’s going to be empty soon. Because Snackin’ Cake is delicious. Rich. Really moist. And super-fancy (even has real nuts).

Snackin’ Cake is so delicious, it’s hard to believe you mix it in only two minutes, using just a fork, spoon and a pan. (Leaving you no beaters, bowls or mess to clean up. Why, you don’t even grease the pan.)

And Snackin’ Cake bakes up so moist it won’t crumble. So you eat it like any good snack food. With your fingers. Straight from the pan.

So good, you’ll want to try not only the Coconut Pecan, but the Chocolate Almond and the Banana Walnut, too. And even that won’t take you very long.

Snackin Cake from 1972

Vintage Betty Crocker Snackin’ Cake (July 1973)

Something special to eat. Nothing much to clean up.

To the family, it’s some kind of fantastic moist cake you just pulled out of the oven. To you, Betty Crocker Snackin’ Cake is the cake you might have mixed up between taking the kids to the dentist and writing your letter to the editor.

And you mixed it up with just a fork in the same pan you baked and served it. No mixing bowls, no big mess to clean up.

Betty Crocker Snackin’ Cake in six moist, delicious flavors: Banana Walnut, Coconut Pecan, Chocolate Almond, Chocolate Chip, Applesauce Raisin and Chocolate Fudge. We call it something special to eat, nothing much to clean up. We think you will, too.

Hummingbird cake recipe: Banana-pineapple cake with cream cheese frosting

Snackin' Cake: Mix, bake, serve in 1 pan (1970s)

Betty Crocker Snackin’ Cake. 12 very special ingredients make 8 very special cakes. (1975)
  1. Coconut & pecans
  2. Banana & walnuts
  3. Chocolate & almonds
  4. Applesauce & raisins
  5. Spices & raisins
  6. Dates & nuts
  7. Chocolate chips
  8. Chocolate fudge with chocolate chips

Great ingredients, in mouth-watering combinations, go into rich, moist Snackin’ Cake. They’re what make all eight kinds of Snackin’ Cake something special to eat. And since you mix, bake and serve Snackin’ Cake in the same plan, they’re especially convenient, too.

Something special to eat. Nothing much to clean up.

Snackin Cake mixes from Betty Crocker from Feb 1975

A nation of snackers deserves a cake just for snacking. Here, America. New Snackin’ Cake (May 1972)

You need 3 things to make Snackin’ Cake:

A fork, a spoon, and a pan (which you won’t even grease). No beaters or bowls. No need to make frosting. (It’s so rich and moist, you don’t need frosting.)

Using your fork, spoon and pan, you’ll get it from our package to your oven in two minutes.

You only need your fingers to eat it. 

It’s so moist, it won’t crumble. So, like any good snack, it’s a finger food. Served right from the pan, with no plates to wash. 

So now that you’ve got a fancy snack that’s convenient, too.

For the first time, snackers, you have more than just another snack. You’ve got rich, moist, super-fancy Snackin’ Cake. In three great flavors. Pretty nice, huh?

Because you deserve a moist, rich snack.

Snackin' Cake: Mix, bake, serve in 1 pan (1970s)

Apple pie dump cake recipe & vintage dump cake how-tos

Look into Betty Crocker Snackin’ Cake (1977)

They’re extra moist and full of special things

Banana Walnut is just one of eight great Snackin’ Cake flavors. Each one’s rich in real ingredients, and extra moist. And it’s so easy. Just add water, mix, bake and serve in the same pan. And try the easy recipes on all Snackin’ Cake packages.

Betty Crocker Snackin Cake 1977

How do you make a delicious cake? Just add water (1978)

(It says this is a banana-walnut cake… but it doesn’t look anything like the cake box image above)

Banana Walnut and chocolate Vintage Snackin Cake mix 1978

Vintage Butter Pecan flavor boxed mix (1982)

You’ll melt over crunchy pecans and rich buttery flavor of Snackin’ Cake’s newest flavor.

If you haven’t tried Snackin’ Cake yet, Butter Pecan’s a great place to start. Just add water, mix, make and enjoy!

Vintage Butter Pecan Snackin Cake box mix from 1982

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  1. I used to like the chocolate-chip Snackin’ Cake mix, but ALWAYS mixed the ingredients using a bowl and spoon first (not in the pan) and frosted it with homemade chocolate frosting. . .delicious! One year, I think I even baked two boxes of Snackin’ Cake like this to make someone a birthday cake.

    I grew up to be an adult who bakes everything from scratch.

    1. Where can I buy these snack n cakes? If they are not made anymore…please Betty Crocker bring them back!!!

      1. I just made one(I stole it from my dads cupboard 2 years ago) and I didn’t realize it was very old, my apartment now smells like rancid chemicals and old cupboards, it’s the chocolate chip one, and lemme tell you.. it’s not yellow anymore, it’s brown. I’m only 27 years old, I didn’t even know these weren’t a thing anymore…

    2. Can you please send me the recipe to make in a 8 inch pan. I really liked this cake mix. It was easy to make and really good. We really liked the chocolate chip one. Please bring the cake mixes back.

  2. Banana Walnut was my favorite, but they were all good. I sure miss Snackin’ Cake. It amazes me that they stopped making it.

  3. I agree, I wish they brought this back, it was the best after school snack. Quick and easy to make.

  4. I remember going to my my Grandmas house on Friday afternoons and she would always have Betty Crocker snakin cake on the stove. Please Betty Crocker bring back these cake mixes.

    1. We loved the golden choc chip snaking cake. Wish hey still made it! We would eat it hot out of oven with butter! And a cold glass of milk. Really good.

  5. I looked for so long for these! I finally realized they didn’t make them anymore. My fav was golden chocalate chip.

  6. We used to take these on picnics every Sunday in the summer!!! We loved them! Oh, how I wish they’d make a come back or Betty Crocker put the recipe on their cake mix boxes to make them with their cake mix!!!
    Betty Crocker are you listening,???

  7. Please bring back coconut pecan snack n cake in a muffin mix. I buy your banana nut muffin mix as it reminds me of the snack n cakes.

  8. Would love this brought back, but with the SAME recipe- so many things that are reintroduced now are slightly different and the DONT taste the same

  9. Can’t believe these ever went away. They were so good – not to mention quick, convenient and easy. They were SO MUCH BETTER than the stupid mug cakes that some company has out now. Tried those sometime back and they were just terrible.

  10. I wonder why they ever stopped making these. Just right for two people, easy to make and really taste good. Would love to see these come back!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Oh these were just wonderful – they were dessert at least once a week! The chic chip and chocolate nut were my favorite!!!!!

  12. Snacking cake were my daughter’s first bake goods. Our family always look forward to the next flavor she would surprise us with. Easy to make and clean up a breeze. Me and my family would love it if you would bring them (all) back.

  13. Hi these cakes bought me so much joy when I was a little kid, my oldest sister used to make them for us especially the chocolate chip one, that was our favorite. It never cooled ate nice and warm. They should come back just the same way from my childhood. No need to up grade the ingredients or change it. It would be awesome and people would definitely buy.

  14. I remember coming home from school and making the banana walnut. I didn’t like walnuts so I would sift them out. When mom came home from work I told her I baked a cake. She said it was good but thought there walnuts in it and I told her I sifted them out, she just thought that was the funniest thing ever. Can you still buy these?

  15. Betty bring this product back just like the original . I know it would be a top seller. It was a awesome feel gods food from all of us Middle Age folks !!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE

  16. I loved the spice cake. I’m allergic to eggs and could make it without eggs. They were my speed for baking! Please bring them back!

  17. I agree with ALL the comments!!..This was the first cake I was allowed to bake by myself!!…I am now 57yrs trying to make the applesauce raisin snack n cake from memory…lol..PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!

  18. This were such a good item. And now that I am living alone in my advanced years, I don’t need a big cake to eat. This would be perfect for me to have once in awhile when my sweet tooth acts up. Please bring them back.

  19. Oh, I loved the coconut pecan one. It was so easy to make and I wish they would bring it back. They would sell a ton of them. So great for young bakers.

    1. Yessss I absolutely miss and still crave the coconut pecan flavor my all time favorite as well! Something’s just shouldn’t ever be left of off a grocery store shelf PERIOD and that snackin cake was definitely one of them!

  20. Betty Crocker why did you stop 🛑 making this product??? Seems to me you lost 😠 out on big profits , and disappointed 😢 millions, millions of people!!!! Same on you !!!!

  21. I have been searching for a cake mix fit for two people. The regular boxes make toooo much cake for us to eat. Please bring back the smaller size. Perfect for one or two person households.

  22. Snackin Cake and Stir N Frost were WONDERFUL! I would love to see these back on store shelves and truly believe they would be a huge hit!

  23. They came out the year I was married. That was 50 years ago to date. These would be so great to have now that I have two family members that can’t eat eggs. Wish Betty Crocker still made them.

  24. We always used milk instead of water. Love, love, love it!! Please bring back the snakin’ cake!!!

  25. We need snakin’ cakes BACK ASAP!!!!!! I loved the Fudge my one true love. Please, Please, Pease bring back.

  26. Yes! I would love for these to come back with the same exact flavor! My parents and I would make the chocolate chip snack cake every sat. night. Come on General Mills bring them back!!

  27. I loved the golden chocolate chip! A special treat. Please bring these back or release the recipe so we can attempt to do it ourselves. I am not alone!

  28. Why did you ever discontinue this product! I agree with all the people here who say “if you won’t bring it back, at least, publish the recipe.” Apple Spice Raisin was my favorite.

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