100 vintage 1960s supermarkets & old-fashioned grocery stores

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Vintage 1960s supermarkets and old-fashioned grocery stores

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Here’s what the food shopping experience — at least the ideal version — was like back in the sixties. From the store entrances to the checkout experience, we have collected more than 100 photos of grocery stores in the olden days.

The vintage 1960s supermarkets featured below include family favorites like Kroger, Winn-Dixie, A&P, Safeway, Food Giant, Fazio’s, Gamble-Skogmo, Food Fair, Big Bear, Lucky and others.

Vintage 1960s supermarkets & old-fashioned grocery stores

A-P vintage grocery store - 1965 2

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Winn-Dixie grocery storefront in 1966

Winn-Dixie vintage grocery store - 1966 10

Food Giant signage/lettering in 1961

Food Giant old grocery store - 1961

Vintage Food Fair supermarket storefronts in 1963, 1964 & 1968

Food Fair vintage grocery store - 1963 2

Food Fair retro grocery store - 1968 22

The sign on an old Lucky supermarket in 1960

Lucky vintage grocery store - 1960 1

Safeway in the ’60s

These are Safeway stores: a variety of styles and sizes in various areas — big city, suburban shopping center, valley town.

While the theme is unmistakably “Safeway,” the architectural style varies to harmonize with local surroundings or to fit in with community development plans.

Vintage Safeway store in 1968

Also making for more variety than in the past is our use of the newer structural materials and techniques that are becoming increasingly available. These often simplify construction and save on cost while enhancing utility and beauty.

Besides being modern and attractive, our stores must be convenient, to make shopping in them a pleasant experience. This means the proper location in town and the right layout of building and parking lot.

Within the stores it means convenient and efficient arrangement of aisle space and merchandise, and modern checkstands providing fast and efficient service.

The vital nature of this objective is well understood. This is the front line; this is our lifeline. This is where we meet the customer and compete for her favor.

Safeway vintage grocery store - 1968 14

Safeway retro grocery store - 1968 13

A&P store in 1967

Storefront roof includes a quaint weathervane

A-P vintage grocery store - 1967 15

Vintage 1960s supermarkets: A&P in 1969

A-P vintage grocery store - 1969 14

Fazio’s old grocery stores – 1969

Fisher Foods old grocery store - 1969 6

Fisher Foods vintage grocery store - 1969 7

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The entrance of an old Safeway store in 1964

Safeway retro grocery store - 1964

What food shopping used to be like

Shopping the aisles and special displays

Grocery store aisle in 1965

100 vintage 1960s supermarkets - 1964 18

Fisher Foods vintage grocery store - 1968 5


Safeway vintage grocery store - 1965 22

Vintage Pepsi refrigerator display from 1966

A-P retro grocery store - 1967 14

Food Fair vintage grocery store - 1967 16

Food Fair retro grocery store - 1967

Food Fair vintage grocery store - 1968 9

Food Giant vintage grocery store - 1963 4

Food Giant vintage grocery store - 1966 1



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