Hostess Fruit Pies & Wonder Bread (1961)

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Make the most of their “Wonder Years”

During the “Wonder Years” — one through twelve — your children develop in many ways — actually grow to 90% of their adult height. To help make the most of their “Wonder Years,” serve them nutritious Wonder Bread. Every delicious slice is carefully enriched with foods for body and mind. So make the most of their “Wonder Years” by serving Wonder Bread every day.

…and serve Hostess Fruit Pies — made with more fruit filling than crust.

Hostess turnover-shaped fruit pies are perfect, juicy pies made the little old bake-shop way — glazed to seal in that special Hostess taste!

Wonder helps build strong bodies 12 ways

Look for them in your favorite store… in delicious fruit flavors. Enjoy all the other fine Hostess products. too — for snacks. lunch boxes. desserts.

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