Remember old-school packaged cookies, like Hydrox, Almost Home, Chip-a-Roos & others?

Remember old-school cookies

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They’re the treats you probably always wanted your mom to buy — old-school packaged cookies, both classics and long-forgotten brands.

Take a look back at old-fashioned faves Oasis coconut creme sandwich cookies, Pepperidge Farm gingerbread men, the Oreo-like Hydrox cookies, Almost Home chocolate chip packaged cookies and many more! (And if you loved ready-to-bake cookies, take a look here.)

Sunshine’s Hydrox sandwich cookies (1949)

Hydrox cookies from 1949

Crispo assorted biscuits / mixed cookies (1950s)

How youngsters love these oven-fresh newcomers to the Crispo Cookie Family! Such tempting variety, too. Six different shapes… three tasty flavors: chocolate, lemon, spice, in every box. Perfect for meals, parties, and snacks. Get some soon.

Old Crispo mixed cookies from the 1950s

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Nabisco sugar wafers (1950)

Vintage Nabisco Sugar Wafers cookies (1950)

Nabisco waffle creams / wafer cookies (1950)

Vintage Nabisco Waffle Creams cookies (1950)

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Crispo chocolate chip cookies (1950)

Old-fashioned Crispo chocolate chip cookies (1950)

Assorted Sunshine brand cookies (1952)

Finest ever made! Featuring Hydrox sandwich cookies, Kreemlined wafer cookies, Vienna finger sandwiches, and Fig bars.

Old-fashioned Sunshine cookies (1952)

Fig Newton cakes / cookies (1952)

Old Fig Newtons from 1952

Jane Arden pure chocolate fudge sandwich cookies (1956)

Jase Arden pure chocolate fudge sandwiches… rich and delicious as fudge spooned right from the pan!

Pure, creamy chocolate fudge sandwiched between rich, chocolate cookies. And they’re brought  you in gleaming gold-foil bags… for the freshness protection they richly deserve.

Try this new “Cookie of the Month” now. They’re heavenly!

Vintage Jane Arden Pure Chocolate Fudge Sandwich Cookies (1956)

Archway homestyle old-school packaged cookies (1956)

Fresh baked Archway cookies are packed with wholesome old fashioned goodness to supply that energy demand in every growing child.

After school, nothing brings a youngster home faster than the promise of Archway’s tempting home style flavor. And nothing’s better for him.

Vintage Archway cookies (1956)

Oreo (1960)

Smooth, fresh filling beaten to a fluffy lightness… spread with a generous hand between chocolate-y, crisp-to-the-bite cookies. America’s favorite — Oreo!

Vintage Oreo packaging (1960)

Nabisco’s Fig Newtons (1961)

Luscious, golden fig jam, from the world’s choicest figs. Rich cake, tender and fresh. And only Nabisco bakes Fig Newtons Cakes. Available in carton or cellophane pack.

Vintage package Fig Newtons cakes (1961)

Nabisco Lorna Doone cookies (1962)

Old-fashioned Lorna Doone shortbread cookies (1962)

Retro Oreos with whipped filling (1962)

Oreos with whipped filling (1962)

New Chipits cookies: Chocolate chip pecan cookies (1963)

So home-made good, they almost taste warm

Once Chipits are out of the box, nobody’ll know you didn’t bake ’em! So crunchy, so tender (like fresh from your own oven), so plumb-full of sweet, rich chocolate chips and golden, crisp pecans.

Generously mixed, carefully-baked by Nabisco. So downright good, people will ask for your recipe!

Vintage Chipits chocolate chip pecan cookies (1963)

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More Nabisco chocolate covered cookies (1964)

Featuring Fancy Grahams, Chocolate Pinwheels, Ideal chocolate peanut bars, Minaret cakes, and Striped shortbread.

Nabisco old-school packaged cookies from 1964

Assorted Nabisco cookie spread (1965)

Vintage National Biscuit cookies on a party table (1965)

Popular cookies of the 1960s from Quaker (1966)

Burry’s Mr Chips (Coconut chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies)

Burry’s Fudge Town cookies, Seadog cookie snacks, and Cap’n Crunch cookies

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Quaker packaged cookies (1966)

Nabisco’s Chips Ahoy! (1966)

Chips Ahoy (1966)

You have to be a kid at heart to make Sunshine cookies. (1967)

How else can you create such a creamy, delicious, vanilla candy creme filling? And enjoy every lick. The serious Sunshine bakers whip it with pure coconut oil to a luscious creamy consistency, then sandwich it just the right amount between tasty, crunchy cookies for that happy Sunshine taste.

Bite into a Sunshine Hydrox cookie. And an Orbit. And a Vienna Finger. And a Sunshine Sugar Wafer. You’ll taste what we mean.

Our bakers are serious about that happy Sunshine taste.

Sunshine packaged cookie varieties (1967)

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Old-school Nabisco cookies (1967)

Two things are wrong with most holidays.

A. They aren’t long enough. Your run-of-the-mill holiday is used up in 24 hours. And B., there aren’t enough of them.

Therefore, we at National Biscuit Company (Nabisco, to our close friends) take pleasure in declaring National Cookie Month — 31 days of unforgettable cookie eating. (When we declare a holiday, we declare a good one. And a friendly one.)

How to celebrate? The Official Cookies are below. Lay in a supply — and some milk and ice cream — and be happy.

Features Oreo, Chips Ahoy!, Vanilla Wafers, Fig Newtons, Oasis coconut creme sandwich cookies, and Lorna Doone shortbread.

1967 Vintage old-school packaged cookies, including Oreo and Vanilla Wafers

Nabisco’s chocolate covered cookies (1967)

Featuring Chocolate Pinwheels, Minarets, Fancy Grahams, Creme wafer sticks, and Ideal chocolate peanut bars.

Vintage chocolate-covered Nabisco cookies (1967)

Cool it with Sunshine! (1968)

Taste the taste the Sunshine bakers bake.

Featuring Mint Hydrox cookies, Orbit cookies, Sugar wafers, Vienna Fingers, and Lady Joan cookies.

Vintage Sunshine cookies (1968)

Vintage photo of cookie brands in grocery store (1975)

Shown: Fig Newtons, Mayfair (English style assortment of cookies), Nilla wafers, Bake Shop oatmeal cookies, Fancy Grahams, Striped shortbread cookies, Chips Ahoy!, and Chocolate Chocolate chip cookies.

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Cookie brands on grocery store shelf (1975)

New Tea Time Assorted cookies (UK – 1976)

People have told us that they’re fed up buying biscuit assortments and finding lots of small plain biscuits hidden under a few chocolates and creams.

So we’ve brought outa New Tea Time biscuit assortment. We’ve included more of the biscuits we know are big favorites.

Digestives, custard creams, bourbons, rich tea, chocolate-covered rings. And as a nice surprise, we’ve added a brand new chocolate-flavored cream.

And to show you there’s nothing to hide, we’ve listed the contents on the outside of the pack.

So choose New Tea Time Assorted and know exactly what you’re buying.

Vintage Tea Time assorted cookies (1976)

Sunshine Hydrox chocolate sandwich cookies (1978)

Vintage Sunshine Hydrox cookies (1978)

Nabisco… America’s cookie jar (1979)

Featuring Nutter Butter, Oreo, Fig Newton, Chips Ahoy!, and Nilla Wafers.

Vintage Nabisco old-school packaged cookies from 1979

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Assorted Pepperidge Farm cookies (1980s)

Featuring Raisin Bran cookies, Milano, Ginger Man, Fruit Cookie, and Chocolate chip.

Vintage 80s Pepperidge Farm cookies (1983)

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Nabisco pours on that rich chocolate taste. (1983)

  • Party Grahams — Delectable melt-in-your-mouth graham cookies all wrapped up in a thick creamy fudge.
  • Striped shortbread — Scrumptious old-fashioned shortbread cookies topped with delicate stripes of deep rich fudge.
  • Duet fudge & peanut butter patties — Delicious creamy, smooth peanut butter cookies coated by deep dark luscious fudge topping.

Chocolate-covered cookies from 1983

Sunshine Chip-A-Roos cookies (1986)

Chips Ahoy and Chip-A-Roos cookie packages (1986)

New Hydrox Doubles cookies (1986)

Introducing new Hydrox Doubles with double flavored middles.

It’s literally twice as good. There’s more creme in the middle. And in the middle of the creme, a delicious flavored venter: in mint, strawberry, or rich chocolate fudge. There’s never been a cookie quite like it.

Doubles. Mmm. It’s incre-double.

Hydrox Doubles cookies (1986)

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Vintage 80s Keebler EL Fudge cookies (1987)

Vintage 80s Keebler EL Fudge cookies (1987)


Nabisco Almost Home cookies (1987)

Introducing Almost Home cookies made with real fruit and walnuts! In Banana Walnut and Apple Walnut Raisin.

Vintage Almost Home packaged cookies - Nabisco 1987 (1)

Almost Home cookies varities (1987)

Try this Almost Home microwave “recipe” for even closer-to-homemade taste. 

  1. Warm for favorite variety of Almost Home cookies in the microwave for 20-25 seconds at high setting. (Or warm in a conventional oven at 350 degrees F for 5 minutes.)
  2. Enjoy the even closer-to-homemade taste of Almost Home.

Shown: Chocolate Fudge Chip, Old-Fashioned Sugar, and Real Chocolate Chip.

Vintage Almost Home packaged cookies - Nabisco 1987 (2)

Introducing the most perfectly baked cookies ever (1984)

Introducing the moistest, chewiest, most perfectly baked cookies the world has ever tasted… well, almost.

We call them Almost Home, because that’s the way you’ll feel. 

More varieties than your mom ever had time to get around to baking.

Varieties like:

  • Real chocolate chip cookies
  • Fudge chocolate chip cookies
  • Apple fruit sticks
  • Cherry fruit sticks
  • Blueberry fruit sticks
  • Oatmeal raisin cookies
  • Peanut butter cookies
  • Granola fruit ‘n nut cookies
  • Fudge ‘n Nut brownies
  • Peanut Butter Fudge cookies
  • Iced applesauce raisin cookies
  • Iced oatmeal cookies
  • Oatmeal Creme sandwich cookies
  • Peanut Butter Creme sandwich cookies
  • Fudge Chocolate Chip sandwich cookies

Almost Home cookies (1984)

Mother’s Circus Animal cookies (1989)

Vintage Mother's Cookies - Circus Animals (1989)

Pepperidge Farm cookie selection (1995)

To bring out good cheer, bring out good cookies.

Pepperidge Farm remembers. The taste of fine cookies brings out the best in folks. Our Distinctive Selection is perfect for holiday parties or as a gift. And ours is the only place you’ll find Naples and Lisbon, our newest chocolate-dipped delights.

90s Pepperidge Farm cookie selection box (1995)

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79 Responses

  1. Looked at all the cookies from Sunshine Baking Co. and they did not list my favorite from the early 60’s…Hippodrome, a soft coconut washboard sandwich type cookie with marshmallow filling and a a strip of red jelly down the middle. Can anyone try and find this cookie?

    1. Does anyone remember around the mid 1960’s they was these peanut butter cookies something like fudgetown only peanut butter 2 cookies with peanut butter in the middle I think there was an elephant on the package

    1. I loved those cookies! I think the animal crackers they made tasted the same. I would give anything to get the same taste in today’s cookies. They were so good. Ah, the good old days…

  2. There used to be a boxed cookie assortment and the cookies in the middle were a square shaped with an impression of a fireplace and little kettle on the fire. Who remembers that one?

    1. Yes! I remember those. They were in a Nabisco assortment box and that particular cookie wasn’t available otherwise. It had a spice flavor.

    2. Looking for sandwich cookies….came in banana, strawberry,or white filling . Resemble an whoopie pie but cake was yellow or white. Came two in package

  3. There used to be cookie I enjoyed that was made by a regional company (I think). It was a chocolate mint cookie – chocolate wafer, mint flavored crème on top and then covered with chocolate. The box was predominantly green with pictures of the cookies and mint leaves. Reasonably certain it wasn’t Nabisco – could have been Sunshine – just sure. Any one remember these?

    1. Salerno Mint Creme Cookies (also Rippin’ Good Mint Creme Cookie Patties) – one of my favorites. You might try checking online for any recipes that are similar to these delicious cookies.

    2. Hi Ron, I might be remembering these cookies, but here’s how I would describe them. The ones I’m remembering weren’t a wafer, but a chocolate cookie sandwich with white mint cream in the middle covered in fudge on the outside. They came in box that was dark green paper that you slit open on the side with your fingernail and the top lid lifted up. It also had mint leaves on the cover I believe. They remind me of the mint covered fudge cookies that Oreo has out today, but not quite as tasty and not as big a box. I wish I could remember the company name. They were always on the top cookie shelf in the store. Do you think we are thinking of the same cookies?

  4. I remember a cookie that had zodiac/horoscope designs on it. It was a fairly basic cookie base, sort of like a Maria or similar plain vanilla cookie base, but it was covered in a thin icing with zodiac designs. I don’t think it lasted past the 60s though and I’ve been unable to find any information on them.

  5. As much as I like Oreos, I always preferred Hydrox — not quite as chocolate-y, which gave them a unique flavor. A lot of people assume that Hydrox cookies were a knock-off of Oreos, when in fact it was the other way around.

  6. I remember little square cookies, possibly light spice, which came in a package. Each cookie had a layer of either white or pink frosting. Haven’t seen them in any years. They would have been from the late 1950’s. I got married in 1963. Never saw, or looked for them again.

    1. I was looking for a picture of these same cookies with the white or pink icing. It was a hard icing and molasses or gingerbread or spice cake kind of flavor. The closest I can find is Aunt Sally’s cookies. The ones I remember had a scalloped edge and I think they were rectangular not square. Please post again if you find them. :-)

      1. I used to love these cookies. The last I remember buying them was in the ’80s. I sure wish they were still being made.

  7. I can’t find anything on the internet about cookies that I remember from my childhood. I believe they were sold until the early 90’s. They were holiday shortbread cookies with red and green jimmie sprinkles. I know A&P and IGA sold them, possibly made by Jack’s or Murray’s.

    1. I remember these so well and I have been searching for info on them. I thought they were the best tasting cookie ever as a child. I also remember another cookie I loved that was like a vanilla wafer only it was thinner and crispier. I think it was brown around the edges and came in a box. Such wonderful memories of a time long ago!

  8. I remember a delicious shortbread style S shaped cookie from the 1970’s when I was a kid,, I’ve been looking for that cookie for over 3 decades,, omg if I can find that it’ll be like finding my parents again. Smh 🥲

    1. I remember those cookies and they were delicious and have not been able to find them for many years. I kept thinking they looked like a figure eight so I was glad when you said s. I just can’t remember the brand. At time I shopped at Central market and Albany Public Market and A&P.

  9. Hey, does anyone remember the Custard Cookies? They had vanilla and chocolate cookies with a sweet and creamy center. They were de-li-scious. I think about them more than I should. Yummy 33333

      1. Yes the Sunshine Custard creme filled cookies were the best I liked them way better than the vanilla lemon, or chocolate I still remember the taste of them about 60 years ago. I never understood why they are not on the market today they were perfect.

    1. I think about these a lot! I was hoping to find the name of them. I want to ask my brother if he remembers them, but wasn’t quite sure how to describe it. They were So good!

    2. I had to come back and add that I think that they are in the picture above, and so I searched the name “Sunshine Brand Chocolate Nugget Cookies”, and I think that is what I remember. I wish they had kept those around.

  10. 60s school lunch cookies
    Hard oatmeal with ground up raisins
    Large round sugar coated with ridges
    Where can I buy them?

    1. These sound similar to a favorite cookie memory of mine, which was frosted with white Icing with black stripes covering the entire cookie, with the scalloped edge. They were called “fruit stripes,” but I don’t remember the brand. I used to eat these while watching “Dark Shadows”!

      1. Yes! I remembered they were called Fruit Stripes too but can’t find anything about them online. My grandmother always had them

  11. Hydrox MINT filling? Why the shit didn’t they fight tooth and nail? They could have had the Golden OREO if they’d done it right!

  12. Does anyone remember Crowns? My Mom loved them. Chocolate covered marshmallow with a dollop of raspberry in the top and chocolate cookie on the bottom.
    I can’t remember who made them.

    1. I remember these. This brought back good memories of my grandmother who bought these cookies. I loved them. Chocolate Pinwheels are similar but were not as good as Crowns. Seem to recall the Crowns were packaged in clear plastic but don’t know the brand name. Sorry!

  13. I remember my favorite cookie in the 60’s, was a plain (no icing), round, dark cocoa cookie, that had a couple raised rings, and a hole in the middle. I used to put it on my pointer finger and nibble in round and round, trying to keep it round up to each r as used ring. 😄 does anyone else remember these? What were they called and who made them?

  14. Any one remember a cookie called Golden Chip. They were more like a candy bar with some wafer in the middle and caramel and chocolate.?

  15. I remember a butter tasting spritz cookie from the 60’s with red and green sprinkles on top that were so tasty. I can’t remember who made them. Does anyone else know anything about these cookies?

  16. I was in sales with Sunshine from ’63-’65. Sold a ton of Hydros cookies. We made a “Devils Cake” cookie that Nabisco could never duplicate. Can’t find either out there. Sunshine Orbit was a big seller. Sandwich cookie with a slight taste of coconut. This article brought back so many memories of my days with Sunshine.

    1. I thought they were called macaroons which I have been trying to find out who made them. I loved those cookies so much.

  17. I used to eat a sandwich cookie in the late 50’s called Penguin Cookies. They were bigger than oreos or hydrox and the cookie part wasn’t as dark as oreos. They had a chocolate cream filling between two chocolate cookies and were then completely dipped in chocolate. They were close to 3″ in diameter and at least one half inch thick. They were round with fluted edges as I recall.

  18. I remember getting bags of broken cookies in the mid 50’s. They were advertised as being cheaper than non- broken cookies.

  19. I think sunshine made these. A rectangular ginger cookie with icing. Can’t find anything close to 8.

  20. Does anyone remember a soft spice cookie with a white opaque sugar icing with black stripes? This would have been in the 70’s. I loved that cookie and no one remembers it.

    1. Iced Fruit Cookies… siblings and I looked for those for years….they had scallopped edges and were THE BEST

    2. These sound similar to a favorite cookie memory of mine, which was frosted with white Icing with black stripes covering the entire cookie, with the scalloped edge. They were called “fruit stripes,” but I don’t remember the brand. I used to eat these while watching “Dark Shadows”!

    3. I remember it so well and it was my favorite…of store-bought cookies. Have looked for it and can’t find it …and don’t remember who made it. It was a hard white sugar icing with chocolate stripes, and a chewy spice cookie.

  21. Does Anyone remember the Big Chocolate Chip Cookie, that were sold in little corner stores ?? They tasted different than all other Chocolate chip cookies. They were so delicious.

  22. Do you remember Keebler iced raisin bars? And two of my all time favorite Nabisco cookies–Devil’s Food and Mallowmars? Also, Nabisco used to sell a premium cookie selection called “Famous Assortment” (all of their premium cookies in one box!). And there were also Keebler’s Opera Cremes, Fudge Royale, and Penguins (which were kept chilled in the refrigerator). Penguins came dipped in dark chocolate with chocolate cookie base, caramel and marshmallow, and also dipped in milk chocolate, with chocolate cookie base, peanut butter and marshmallow.

    1. Were the iced raisin bars square? I have been looking for the bottom iced oatmeal raisin cookies and lines of icing on top. Does anyone remember these, cannot think of the name. They were in a white and purple wrapping I think.

  23. How about the old Kettle Cookies? Anyone? There was an imprint of a kettle on a fireplace if I remember correctly. They were a truly satisfying cookie, both visually and tastefully!

    1. Yes! I loved those as well. I remember the Kettle Cookies in the Nabisco Famous Assortment box. They had a slight spice taste.

  24. Does anyone remember a cookie from the 70’s that was just a big wafer like with DIXIE stamped in the center? I loved these an cannot find the maker or a picture of them.

  25. Does anyone remember the long square box of assorted cookies, Vienna’s, hydrox chocolate, creamed wafers, choc chip, creamed round cookies all in the same box?

  26. I remember a soft dark rectangular spice cookie from that I would buy in the very early 70s. I thought the cookies were called “Ranger cookies,” but when I google that, recipes for homemade ranger cookies come up that are nothing like the store-bought cookies I remember. Does this ring a bell with anyone?

  27. Does anyone remember a marshmallow sandwich cookie from 1960’s with one side vanilla cookie and one side chocolate cookie? The middle was marshmallow with a tiny bit of red jelly in the center. We either bought them at Krogers or A & P. Not sure if it was a store brand or not. They weren’t covered in chocolate, just a simple sandwich cookie.

  28. I’m looking for the hard cookies, good for dunking in hot tea or coffee. They came in iced raisin, sugar and more varieties. My grandma had them when I went to her place.

  29. Does anyone remember the company & cookie name of a chocolate chip cookie that came in a flip top box. The box was wrapped in a shinny brown paper with shinny silver & pictures of chocolate chip cookies. You have to either cut the paper where the box opens or tear off the paper to get in the box. Inside it had a plastic insert with indentation to hold each cookie. This would have been in the early to mid 60s, I was around 7,8 yrs. old & that is all I remember about them, & that we liked the cookie. We lived in the burbs of Chicago & lived near Maurice Lennal cookies, WE LOVED THOSE. You could buy a hugh, I think 5 lb. box for about $3.50 box that would have less than perfect & a few broke cookies in them, but we did not care. Do you remember those?

  30. I Wish they would bring back Chocolate sprinkles.
    I think that’s what they were called , marshmallow cookie with sprinkles on top.

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