It’s Swanson TV dinner time (1961-1968)

TV dinners (1961)

Trust Swanson… they know the special secret of tender-crisp fried chicken.

You get back to real fried chicken in Swanson TV Brand Dinners… juicy, tender chicken, fried golden brown, and frozen by experts. Three preferred pieces, potatoes whipped with milk and butter, and tender mixed vegetables.


Who else gives you all beef sirloin in a frozen dinner?

There’s no comparison! Only a Swanson TV Brand Dinner boasts a tender, juicy all-beef sirloin like this! Tender peas, too, and French fries that set a new high in crispy good flavor.


Swanson night… everybody wins (1966)

Each one can pick his favorite meal (like this golden shrimp) and join in the after-dinner fun.

  • Swanson Shrimp – fried crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside.
  • Young green peas in seasoned butter sauce.
  • “Crinkle-cut” potatoes for more crispness. Carefully fried to keep them light and tender.
  • The perfect complement for fried shrimp – a tart, tangy, tomato cocktail sauce.


TV dinners (1967)

A world away from the everyday… Italian, Chinese, Mexican & German-style dinners


Swanson TV dinners (1968)

Now Swanson brightens up this chopped sirloin dinner with a fluffy blueberry muffin. (Almost makes a party out of “Swanson Night”)


Now Swanson cheers up this tender Turkey Dinner with cranberry sauce. (Let’s hear it for “Swanson Night”)

Tender, moist white and dark meat, gravy and Pepperidge Farm dressing. Creamy whipped potatoes. Peas in butter sauce for extra flavor. A little something extra to cheer about — tangy cranberry sauce. Hooray! It’s almost dinnertime.

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