Ambulances from the 1950s: Vintage rescue vehicles

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Ambulances from the 1950s Vintage rescue vehicles

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Take a look back at some ambulances & fire trucks from the ’50s – the vintage emergency rescue vehicles that people back then would see on the roads after an accident or medical emergency.

A Dodge ambulance (1956)

1956 Dodge Ambulance

Chrysler ambulance (1953)

The new 2100 Limousine Straight Ambulance gives you more power than you’ve ever driven before, new ease and safety of steering, brilliant yet economical performance and unsurpassed beauty of line and appointments.

1953 Chrysler Ambulance

Cadillac ambulances (1958)

The Sentinel – The Volunteer – The First Aider

Miller-Meteor underscores its growing leadership with the most advanced ambulances ever produced. New horizons of efficiency and beauty are achieved in all of M-M’s 21 different models in three spectacular series:

THE SENTINEL: Lowest profile with dramatic Flight-Sweep styling

THE VOLUNTEER: Extra roominess (48″ headroom) with sweeping modern lines

THE FIRST AIDER: “hospital on wheels” with walk-around (52-1/2″ ) headroom.

Exclusive, new Safe-T-Vu Roof Lights that flash warning at sides as well as front and back . . . Sit-Rite Attendants’ Seats with greater legroom . . . and more convenient storage compartments head a long parade of advanced functional features. Contact your Miller-Meteor Distributor now.

1958 Cadillac Ambulances

The S&S Cadillac Superline Kensington ambulance (1958)

1958 Cadillac Superline Kensington Ambulance

Old ambulances from the fifties

Ambulance and passenger from 1956 (2)

Ambulance and passenger from 1956 (1)

Willys 4-wheel drive ambulance (1954)

Designed for a dual purpose:

As an ambulance to reach patients over bad roads or across country, and bring them back to hospitals & as a mobile unit serving outlying communities without hospital facilities. Body easily converted for special clinical work.

Has cargo and working space permitting its use as a mobile clinic — with engine power end 4-wheel drive traction to get to remote back country.

Gets patients to hospitals or other medical aid centers with speed and comfort.

1954 Willys Jeep Ambulance

For safety in emergencies: Rescue cars (1956)

Oct 8, 1956 ambulance

The 1954 Envoy – Limousine ambulance by Meteor

1954 Cadillac Ambulance car models

A vintage fire truck from 1956

Vintage fire truck from 1956

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