Celebrate the moments of your life: General Foods International Coffee ads from the ’70 & ’80s

Celebrate the moments of your life See old General Foods International Coffee ads

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General Foods International Coffees (1974)

Three European coffee flavors arrive in America.

In introducing General Foods International Coffees, we borrowed a few of the best coffee ideas the Europeans ever had.

Cafe au Lait, the smooth, light coffee with a deep French roast flavor.

Suisse Mocha, the chocolate-flavored coffee, whose heartwarming taste takes the chill out of the Alpine air.

And. from Vienna, where a great pastry deserves only great coffee, Cafe Vienna, with a touch of cinnamon the Viennese are so fond of.

These deliciously different coffees are a combination of some of the world’s finest coffees with some of the most interesting flavors.

Just put two spoonfuls in a cup, add boiling water, stir and sip. And you’ll discover the same great coffee flavor you’d find abroad. The flavor of Europe. Let’s drink to it.

General Foods International Coffees. We brought the flavor home.

General Foods International Coffees from 1974

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General Foods coffee mix powder – Carol Lawrence (1978)

“As I was saying to Carol Lawrence the other day, ‘I love to relax with a cup of Cafe Vienna and put the world on hold for a little while.'” – Carolyn Ray, Van Nuys, Ca.

[She was namedropping the Broadway actress, seen on the right]

“When things get hectic, it kind of calms me down,” I told Carol.

“The coffee is rich and good. And the added cinnamon flavor is very delicate, very pleasing.

“For a few moments, I just site back and sip my Cafe Vienna and savor it and feel luxurious. Then I’ll go back and solve the problems of the world.

Carol said she relaxes that way, too.

General Foods coffee mix powder from 1978 - Carol Lawrence

Suisse Mocha Cooler (1981)

General Foods International Coffees introduces “ice cream shoppe” coffee

This summer, make “ice cream shoppe” coffee right in your own home. It’s frothy. It’s frosty. It’s fun. And it takes only minutes to make with this quick and easy recipe from general Foods International Coffees: The Suisse Mocha Cooler.

For a refreshing change of pace, make it with Irish Mocha Mint (chocolate with just a hint of mint). A great new way to celebrate the moments of your life.

International coffees - Suisse Mocha Cooler (1981)

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Irish Mocha Mint (1981)

Celebrate the moments of your life with General Foods International Coffees. Turn a story night into a quiet evening with the after-dinner-mint taste of choclately Irish Mocha Mint.

Vintage General Foods International Coffees Irish Mocha Mint (1981)

The International Coffee Coolers (1982)

Slow sippin’ on a sunny afternoon.

Celebrate the moments of your life with General Foods International Coffees. Cafe Francais – Cafe Vienna – Cappuccino

General Foods International Coffees - Suisse Mocha from 1982

Orange Cappuccino (1982)

Make a new neighbor feel like an old friend with Orange Cappuccino.

General Foods International Coffees - Vintage Orange Cappuccino (1982)

Irish Mocha Mint (1985)

Sugar free – “I didn’t think anything could get me out of the pool… until Dennis brought me a cool Sparkling Cafe. Suddenly I’m in no rush to get back in!”

Irish Mocha Mint (1985) - Vintage General Foods International Coffees

How to civilize 7am: Suisse Mocha (1986)

General Foods International Coffees – Just a little more civilized.

Flavors: Vienna Royale – Orange Cappuccino – Cafe Irish Creme – Suisse Mocha – Cafe Vanilla – Amaretto – Irish Mocha Mist

How to civilize 7am - Suisse Mocha coffee ad (1986)

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Coffee with Lea Thompson, before she was famous

Here’s the actress a few years before Back to the Future!

YouTube video

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