See an old Universal Jeep upside down, with its Willys engine (1946)

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Early Jeep - Willys turns a Jeep upside down (1946)

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Willys turns the Jeep upside down (1946)

As you know from seeing your car on the greasing lift, most cars and trucks look alike from below — engine at front, transmission behind it, driving axle at the rear.

Look under the Universal “Jeep” and you’ll see why it has pulling power surpassing anything its size, plus versatility no other vehicle matches.

You’ll see why, for farm or business, it will pay you to … GET A JEEP.

TWO Drive Axles, FOUR Wheels Pulling

The power heart of the “Jeep” is the mighty Willys “Jeep” Engine, proved by billions of miles of driving in military “Jeeps” the world over.

To get fullest use of that surging power, the “Jeep” has two driving axles — front and rear — and a transfer gear giving instant choice of 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive, and speed range from 2 mph in “low low” to 60 mph in “high high.”

Its power-take-off points — front, center and rear — make the “Jeep” a highly efficient mobile power unit that takes power to the job, on or off the road. All this you get, when you… GET A JEEP.

The versatility of the “Jeep” fits it for a thousand uses — as a truck, light tractor, runabout, power unit. If you need a vehicle to tow factory trailers… deliver men, tools and power anywhere, despite weather and roads… serve as a pickup truck and runabout — GET A JEEP.

If you want an economical, all-purpose farm vehicle that will pull a plow, disk seeder, mower and other implements… run a feed mill or silo filler… haul a heavy load… get you to town in a hurry — GET A JEEP.


An old Universal Jeep - Willys turns the Jeep upside down (1946)

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