Benjamin Franklin’s advice for getting better sleep (1786)

While Benjamin Franklin may be known for 'Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise,' that wasn't his only insight on the subject of sleep. In the summer of 1786, he wrote this, 'The Art of Procuring Pleasant Dreams.'

New drug found in common soil (1948)

In a bit of common soil taken from a Venezuelan field, Yale scientists have found a new and spectacularly successful weapon for the battle of man vs. microbes: Chloromycetin.
Why grow old Plastic surgery in the 1920s

Why grow old? Plastic surgery in the 1920s

Based on the state of plastic surgery in the 1920s, and with regular improvements in science, one journalist suggested in 1922 that soon women wouldn't have to age - 'I mean shriveled or waddling old and all that.'
Woman smoking

Public smoking by women banned (1908)

They say it is wrong for women to smoke in public places -- that it is offensive to those who look on and detrimental to the character and dignity of the fair sex.
Actress on Theater magazine - 1918 (2)

How to find your ideal weight (1920)

If you suspect that you are too fat or too thin, there are several simple rules that you can follow to find out your ideal weight... according to society in 1920.
Hula hooping in the 50s (1)

How to Hula Hoop: The basics

Have you ever wondered how to Hula Hoop - using the famous fad toy? It starts with you holding the hoop tightly against your back. Find out more here!
How easy and relaxing spinal anesthesia would make the patient in 1902

The new spinal anesthesia: Put cocaine in the spine (1902)

A remarkable operation for producing spinal anesthesia, daring in its conception and brilliant in its results, was performed - injecting into the spine a solution of cocaine, so within a few minutes the sense of pain is entirely obliterated.