University of Michigan Library card catalog drawers

University of Michigan Library card catalog

Photo by University of Michigan Library


Library of Congress Reading Room (Open House)

00220: Afforestation – D/Afghanistan – A

00220 Afforestation D - Afghanistan A

Photo by Ted Eytan


Card catalogs at Tulane University


Photo thanks to Tulane Public Relations

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Wooden card catalog with brass handles

Wooden card catalog with brass handles

Photo by Megan Amaral


Close-up of a card catalog in Chattanooga

Card Catalog in Chattanooga

Photo by Steve Hankins of


Card catalogs from Harvard Law Library


Photo from Mellydoll


Card Catalog, Burrow Library (1973)


Photo courtesy Ed Uthman

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  1. Carolyn N Tainter

    When I was in high school,out library had them and when I got a part time job there, I had to put the new “cards” in the drawers. Thank GOD for computers !


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