Discoveries & inventions

Hula hoopers are whooping it up (1958)

Hula hoopers are whooping it up! How agile are you? The hula hoop, latest toy to send everyone into a spin, has hit the Steubenville area with a (pardon us) lot of hoopla. You've seen them. Practically ev... Read more...
The Telephone & How We Use It (from 1951)

The rotary-dial telephone and how we use it (1951)

The Telephone and How We Use It was published by Bell Telephone System in 1951. Geared toward children, the booklet covers the basics of how to use a rotary-dial telephone - the latest technology of the time.

Apple introduces the Macintosh personal computer (1984)

Here's the original press release that a small California company called Apple released back in January 1984, announcing the launch of their new PC -- the first mass-market personal computer featuring both a graphical user interface and a mouse.

New Cadillac design announced (1913)

The Cadillac innovation mentioned herein was a two-speed rear axle, combined with a door-mounted, electrically-operated shifter which allowed the driver to change the rear axle ratios from low to high, ther... Read more...

King Tut’s coffin is uncovered (1923)

Tut's coffin is uncovered Resplendent shrine upsets Egyptian theories Luxor, Egypt, December 17, 1923 - All preconceived ideas of Tutenkhamun's golden shrine were upset by the sight of this impressive cof... Read more...

Phone faster by touching buttons (1965)

How you'll phone faster by touching buttons The new Touch-Tone Bell telephone, made by Western Electric, is actually an electronic musical instrument. Each button you touch causes it to produce a different c... Read more...

Maxell cassette tape ads (1980s)

Maxell was one of the leaders in the cassette tape world -- and, amazingly, the company is still making blank audio tapes. So if you still have your tape recorders from the seventies and eighties, you're set! ... Read more...

Vintage vacuum cleaners from Hoover

Hoover Suction Sweeper (patented 1908)   Hoover for sanitary cleaning (1920) Immaculate rugs are safe playgrounds for the children. Clean thoroughly to protect childhood's precious health. Beat out ... Read more...

Artificial daylight made by Tesla (1899)

The promise made by Nikola Tesla to the world some two years ago that he would soon give it a means of lighting its homes, its offices and its streets at night time by “artificial daylight” has been fulfilled.

Meet Clyde Tombaugh, discoverer of Pluto (1930)

Because of the discovery made by this young farmer of Kansas, every dictionary in the world will have to be revised. For all time to come, students of astronomy will read that the ninth planet, Pluto, was discovered in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh.

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