Remember Maybelline Kissing Potion & other flavored lip gloss from the 70s & 80s?

Remember Maybelline Kissing Potion lipgloss from the 70s and 80s

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Do you remember tasty vintage Maybelline Kissing Potion, Kissing Glosses, Kissing Slicks, Kissing Sticks and other “kissing” makeup/beauty products from the 70s & 80s?

This super-popular line of sweet-flavored lip glosses and lip balms came in flavors like mint & bubblegum, strawberry🍓& cherry 🍒, cola & root beer, and orange🍊& watermelon🍉. There was even a Kissing Fresh spray breath freshener to go along with them!

While you can’t scratch ‘n sniff this page (like you could with these scented retro stickers) to get the memory of the fragrance, you can at least take a look down a delicious little memory lane here.

Young Kim Basinger for Maybelline Kissing Potion (1975)

Kissing Potion: New! Flavored roll-on lipgloss — Shines up lips. Shines up lipstick. Outshines pot gloss and stick gloss by a smile.

Rolls on a clean, sleek, luscious shine that adds no color, just a kiss of flavor: Strawberry Swirl, Mighty Mint, Krazy Kola, Cherry Smash, Cinnamon Stick, Fruit Flip. So delicious, share it with a friend!

kim basinger kissing potion 1975

1970s Kissing Potion: Flavored roll-on lip gloss

Hello! Fresh Face. That’s you with a little help from Maybelline.

We’re rolling it right along with our four new flavors — each with its own roller-ball top. Roll it over lips, roll it over lipstick… no color, just great gloss power.

Wait ’til you taste Great Grape — Passion Punch — Orange Squeeze — Root Beer Float. 10 luscious flavors that outshine stick gloss and pot gloss by a smile.

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Kissing Potion: Flavored roll-on lipgloss

Kissing Potion Duo flavored roll-on lipgloss (1977)

New Candy Cane! Strawberry Swirl — New Ginger Snap! Cherry Smash. The sweetest gifts you’ll ever give… Kissing Potion Duo flavored roll-on lipgloss.

Two new sugar-and-spicy flavors, each paired with a popular favorite in two delicious gift sets — all ready to glow.

For kisses sweeter than holiday wine, and a clear, sleek luscious shine (that adds no color, just pure dazzle) give a Kissing Potion Duo to dozens of friends. Pick a pack for yourself, too (you deserve it)!

Kissing Potion Duo flavored roll-on lipgloss (1977)

Astrology-keyed Kissing Potion clear roll-on lipgloss (1978)

Shines of the Zodiac — pick the shine that best goes with your sign! What’s your shine? Are you Provactive Pineapple, Free-Spirit Fudge, Wild Watermelon, or Devil-Mint? Roll on the flavored lip gloss that’s keyed to the four elements of the zodiac… for a no-color shine that tastes divine!

Maybelline Kissing Potion flavored roll-on lipgloss (1978)

Kissing Glosses. What a delicious idea from Maybelline. (1985)

Kissing Slicks. Kissing Potion. And Mini Kissing Stick… three deliciously different lip glosses.

In lots of mouthwatering flavors like strawberry and cherry, to name a few. Kissing was never so delicious. And shiny, glossy lips were never so much fun.

So slick on the flavor and shine in three different ways: roll-on, stick or wand. And give your lips a taste of something delicious!

Maybelline Kissing Glosses vintage ad from 1985

Expressions Girl Roll On Lip Gloss Set
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Vintage Kissing Potion: Promise Roger your strawberry kisses (1981)

There are plenty of flavors left for Richie, Fred, David, Bob…

Shiny, delicious flavors like Mighty Mint, Cherry Smash, Bubble Gum, Orange Squeeze. Worn alone or over our lipsticks, Kissing Potion gives you the shiniest, sexiest, most delicious lips he’s ever tasted.

Kissing Potion Flavored Roll-On Lip Gloss by Maybelline. In enough flavors to keep all the promises you make.

Kissing Potion Flavored Roll-On Lip Gloss by Maybelline - Vintage makeup from 1981

Forbidden Fruits: Vintage Maybelline Kissing Slicks (1980)

Introducing five new mouthwatering flavors of Kissing Slicks. The flavored automatic lip gloss from Maybelline.

Clearly not-so-innocent. Not when it comes in such tempting flavors as Wicked Watermelon and Peppermint Pleasure. To give your lips the most delicious shine he’s ever tasted.

Kissing Slicks. Just add our not-so-innocent T-shirt. [“I’m not as innocent as I seem.”] And you’re ready for anything.

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Maybelline vintage ad for Kissing Slicks from 1980

Meet Maybelline’s Kissing Cousins (1983)

You can collect a whole family of Kissing Cousins when you try one of our tasty glosses. Maybelline Kissing Slicks! Kissing Potion and Mini Kissing Stick.

Three different lip glosses in your favorite mouthwatering flavors. And three very different ways to slick on a clearly delicious shine. And when you turn on the shine, you can also treat yourself to seven fuzzy Kissing Cousins.

Lip Smackers from Bonne Bell: The super trendy vintage lip balm from the '70s & '80s

Pick’em, stick ’em, wear ’em, pair ’em. They’re very adaptable little fellows, because they have a magnetized and adhesive back. Collecting was never so much fun!

Maybelline Kissing Slicks! Kissing Potion and Mini Kissing Stick - vintage from 1983

Retro Kissing Fresh Breath Freshener (1984)

What’s more fun than mints or gum? It’s the delicious-tasting spray for fresh breath. And it comes in four fabulous flavors — Strawberry, Cinnamon, Peppermint and Spearmint. Go ahead, have more fun with Kissing Fresh Breath Freshener.

Vintage Maybelline Kissing Fresh Breath Freshener (1986)

1980s Kissing Koolers flavored lip gloss (1987)

New! Kissing Koolers. And the kiss is all in the lips. Especially when your lips are dressed in Maybelline’s Kissing Koolers.

The new lip gloss that gives high shine a tasty new twist. Like Strawberry Fizz, Peppermint Twist and Watermelon Swirl. Six refreshing flavors that’ll make your lips shiny, tasty and ready for anything. After all, there’s more to life than talking!

1980s Maybelline Kissing Koolers flavored lip gloss (1987)

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  1. HLio I am from Israel . I’m looking for a kiss Potion liKe in the 70′-90′ .whith rollball.
    I can not find it in Israel anymore.
    ‫if you can tell me where I can find it.
    I was Try buy it from ebay, but they tell me TheCan’t to send me to Israel. please help me to find a solution to bring and send me to israel. thank you very much

    1. You may wish to look online for tint cosmetics, they carry assorted vintage lip balms and gloves like the one you described here.

    2. I’m sorry, Lia, the company I just recommended is tinte cosmetics, not tint. So try tinte cosmetics online and you will find the lipglosses you have described.

  2. Maybelline used to have a lipstick called Peppermint Ice…I wore it in the 80s….loved it!! I have been trying to find it or something like it for awhile….any ideas???

  3. I remember Kissing Potion. I can still remember the scents. The actual gloss was pretty sticky but I loved it. I think I tried every flavor.

  4. Tinte has redone a lot of these except, sadly, Kissing Slicks (the wand lip gloss version) and the Breath Spray. The wand lip gloss version had the most incredible vanilla flavor that smelled so good and tasted even better, a scent that I totally associate with getting ready for Friday night football games! Wish they’d bring those back, too!

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