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Do you know how to kiss? (1937)

Do you know how to kiss? But let Carol Hughes And Lee Dixon show you, anyhow Sure. everybody knows how to kiss -- after a fashion. But there's a right and wrong way, so they say. And because of that Carol Hug... Read more...

Oldsmobile Futuramic cars (1948-1949)

Futuramic is a brand new word (1948) Futuramic is a brand new word that fills a gap in our vocabulary. It means "the dramatic design of the future" -- the finest of functional modern design in any field. Am... Read more...

Space age: Amazing retro futuristic homes of the ’60s

What did the future look like from the '60s? In this ad series for Motorola, commercial artist Charles Schridde depicted modernist homes of the future - and perfectly captured the era's sleek style and space-age optimism.

The latest Mercury cars for 1960

Mercury Meteor You know only half the story when you hear Mercury's new low prices. It's just as important to know how much more you get in a Mercury Meteor than any other low-price car... You'll like Mercury'... Read more...

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