Vintage Easter egg shrink-wrap decorating sleeves

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Vintage Easter egg shrink plastic decorating sleeves

Happy eggs – colorful instant Easter egg shrink-wrap decorations

Vintage 1983 Happy Eggs - decorating shrink plastic sleeves

Put magic in your Easter fundraising!

This excitingly new, instant egg-decorating method creates spectacular Easter Eggs in seconds without fuss.

You simply slip the egg into a colorfully printed sleeve, dip in boiling water for 3 seconds, and presto… another masterpiece!

And there are two Happy Eggs assortments (6 designs each) to choose from: our colorful Originals, and all-new Religious. 

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Happy Eggs - Religious Easter egg decorations from 1989

Directions for these retro Happy Egg plastic shrink sleeves from the ’80s & ’90s

1. Slip a plastic sleeve over a medium-sized hard-boiled egg.

2. Place the egg with sleeve onto a spoon and dip quickly in and out of a pan of boiling water, keeping egg on spoon.

3. Instantly, sleeve shrinks to shape of egg.

Result: an incredibly beautiful Happy Egg.

How to use Happy Egg plastic shrink sleeves from the 80s

Instant Eggart: Easter egg shrink-wrap (from 1984)

Like magic… incredibly easy — no mess, no dye

Imagine a basket full of beautiful, colorful Easter Eggs featuring your choice of favorite Walt Disney characters, Floral & Geometric designs, or cute Bunny Cartoons.

Then imagine decorating them without chemicals or messy dyes in just three seconds! Each jumbo pack contains 24 sleeves for only $2.50. It’s all possible with INSTANT EGGART.

Just slip the sleeve over the egg, dip in boiling water and, like magic, you have a beautifully decorated egg.

Vintage Disney egg art kit with Mickey from 1984

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Vintage Disney Fantasia Instant Eggart Easter egg decorating kit (1982)

The Wonderful World of Disney in a complete egg decorating kit! Dyes, paints, shrink wraps, beautiful Disney egg stands.

Goofy – Thumper – Mickey Mouse – Bambi – Pluto / By Sunhill

Vintage Disney Fantasia INSTANT EGGART Easter egg decorating kit

Happy eggs instant egg decorating sleeves (1991)

These beautiful designs give great pleasure to everyone, kids and grownups alike. All this in three simple steps without messy watercolors, dyes or colors makes this item irresistible. 

Retro Easter egg decorating kit from 1991

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