Vintage stationery, school & office supplies (1918)

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Pioneer Stationery House – Wholesale and Retail

These new quarters are now open to the public. It is the only exclusive stationery house in North Central Minnesota and will cater to the wholesale and retail trade in this section of the state.

In addition to the lines formerly carried for the retail trade the following are among those already added: Steel Filing Devices, Cabinet Safes, Index Trays, Numbering Machines, Sign Markers, Stencils, Cash Boxes, Bond Boxes, Metal Waste Baskets,  etc., etc.

Supplies for Office, School and Home: Beltrami Avenue  – Former Post Office Building



Wholesale: Sanford’s Writing Fluid, Keller’s Writing Fluid, Carbon paper, Indelible ink, erasers, Sanford’s liquid glue, Dixon’s blue lumber crayon, Dixon’s Anglo Saxon #2 pencil…


Retail: Loose leaf books, blank books, ink stands, inkwells, string tags, multikopy carbon, gummed labels, Woodstock Typewriters

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