Mobile homes: The hot housing trend of the ’50s and ’60s

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Mobile homes: The hot housing trend of the '50s and '60s

Back in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the American Dream could be had — affordably, fully-furnished, and in style — if you wanted to buy a mobile home. As one ad from the start of the boom noted, “Everything is modern as can be! Smart furnishings, planned by decorators, are the kind you’re proud to show your friends.”

And it wasn’t just the home itself that was being pitched — it was the whole suburban lifestyle. “The new mobile home parks are fine neighborhoods, with beautiful landscaping, recreational facilities like swimming pools. Outside in the yard, you can set out a white picket fence… plant a rose garden… do some informal entertaining.”

And it worked. These manufactured homes were parked across the country by the millions, which — as it was later noted — often negatively impacted the infrastructure of the area due to congestion and inadequate utilities. Still, as of 1958, the marketing literature noted, “Now three million people, including young marrieds, engineers, graduate students, construction and industrial workers, professional and military men, retired couples, live in mobile homes.”

Mobile homes from 1958

This is typical of the most modern mobile home parks — one reason mobile homes are America’s new way to live!

Mobile homes from 1958!

Modern housing trend: Luxury mobile living

Now — three million Americans have chosen this modern housing trend: The mobile home

This is the “luxury year” for mobile living. Today’s mobile home is longer, wider, plusher, with more comforts and conveniences than ever before.
LIFE May 12, 1958 mobile home


Up-to-date furnishings in every room come with your mobile home

No extra financing needed for appliances, draperies or furniture

Mobile homes from 1959

You’re completely “at home” the first day!

Attractive suburban life: There are many new mobile home parks with beautiful landscaping, recreational facilities, even swimming pools. In these friendly communities, you have your own back yard for barbecues, sunbathing, gardening. Buy a mobile home now — have your tulips in bloom this spring!

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Mobile homes from 1959


A home that’s all modern… all furnished… all your own!

With a Mobile Home, you can start enjoying comfortable, up-to-date living in your own home now . . . this week. And without buying a stick of furniture! Here’s why: the home plus complete furnishings and appliances for every room are all included in one easy-to-pay price. You may pay only $75 a month or less. There’s no heavy, long-term debt.

Today’s mobile homes are even more modern than many ordinary homes. They have smart, decorator-styled furnishings, contemporary in design. A kitchen a woman can really be proud of — with a new large-capacity refrigerator, built-in range and oven, twin sinks, formica counters, disposal. There’s a complete bathroom with tub and shower. Automatic heat, air-conditioning, automatic washer-dryer, built-in TV if you choose.

More and more young couples, military and professional men, students, industrial and construction workers, and retired couples are moving into mobile homes. You can find dealers in your area in the classified ads of your newspapers or yellow pages of your phone book under “Mobile Homes,” “Trailers-House,” or “Trailers-Coach.”

A home that's all modern... all furnished... all your own!


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  1. Question; Do you know the length of the average single-wide small two-bedroom trailer was in 1957-58? Curious, 40 or 50 feet?

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