60 kitchen wall & floor brighteners (1974)

60 kitchen wall and floor brighteners

Fresh, sunny charm

Dazzle up your kitchen with today’s wall and floor coverings. Lively yellows, oranges and blues (below) add zip to passe appliances, suit new copper finishes.

Wave-the-flag colors

Red, white and blue patchworks, plaids and lacy florals (above) are best with either dark woods or matching painted cabinets in a traditional setting. Bold red/white or blue/white graphics team well with pale pine and oak or glossy white enamel for a sleek look.

Leafy summer cool

Tangy lime and sun-kissed orange are guaranteed to recharge any kitchen. Heighten the impact by glossing cabinets with matching paint. Choose stainless-steel appliances and accessories in chrome, clear plastic; add dash with all-white cookware. You’ll find the key to our 60 brighteners in Shopping Information, page 79.

All-natural warm-up

Rich brown, beige and camel (above) evoke an informal country mood whether your kitchen is modern or traditional. This combination beautifully complements the newest chocolate-color kitchen sinks and cookware. Use the natural palette with butcher block and bentwood, old baskets, copper molds and lots of real greenery to create a truly warm and intimate room.

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