Vintage Snoopy & Peanuts stickers sheets (’70s & ’80s)

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Vintage Peanuts sticker sheets with Snoopy - Woodstock - Charlie Brown and the gang

The United States is stuck on Snoopy: Peanuts stickers sheets and other products hot sellers (1989)

“Snoopy is on a nice roll again,” said Connie Boucher, founder and chairman of Determined Productions, Inc., the licensing company for Peanuts products, which also handles products for the Beatles and Felix the Cat.

Several thousand Peanuts items already are on the market — everything from dolls to mugs to flea collars — with sales of an estimated $1 billion a year.

“Virtually any product category you can think of, we’ve either done or we’re thinking of doing,” said Ronald Nelson, vice president of Creative Associates, Schulz’s business managers.

Vintage Snoopy and Woodstock - Peanuts sticker sheet set

Clothing accounts for between 20 percent and 30 percent of sales, followed by books (10 percent to 15 percent) and accessories and toys (15 percent).

Greeting cards and other items make up the rest. Peanuts greeting cards are Hallmark’s biggest sellers, according to the 65-year-old Schulz. Overall, sales of Peanuts items are second only to Disney.

“You’d be astounded at the enthusiasm of Peanuts collectors,” said Schulz, who once resembled his round-faced Charlie Brown character.

“It’s like our worship of all kinds of heroes. If we like a certain cartoon character, why not have a replica of that character sitting on your desk?”

Charlie Brown may be a good man, but happiness — from a merchandising standpoint — is Snoopy, by far the most popular Peanuts character. Woodstock rates second.

“I think there’s a lot of Snoopy in many of us — or in what we’d like to be,” said Lance Walsky, president of the United Stars division of J .G. Hook, a New York-based apparel maker that is launching a line of Snoopy clothing aimed at girls and young women this fall.

“Snoopy seems to be in control of every situation. He can be cool, vulnerable, a World War II flying ace or a hockey player,” Walsky said.

Vintage Peanuts stickers sheets – Happy today, party, birthday

Vintage Happy Peanuts party sticker set<

Vintage ’80s school/teacher reward stickers – great, super, very good…

School/teacher stickers - great, super, very good...

You’re a star, First rate & other rewards on classic Peanuts stickers sheets

You're a star, First rate & other reward sticker sheet

Friendship and happiness classic set of Snoopy/Peanuts stickers set

Friendship and happiness classic set of Snoopy/Peanuts sticker

Snoopy sports vintage Peanuts stickers sheets

Snoopy/Peanuts sticker sheet - sports

Mailbox/postage stamps Peanuts stickers sheets

Vintage Peanuts postage/mail sticker sheet

Peanuts Gang Valentine’s Day vintage stickers sheet

Vintage Peanuts Valentine's day - hearts sticker sheet

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Merry Christmas from Snoopy and Woodstock – Vintage Peanuts stickers sheets

Vintage Snoopy and Woodstock - Peanuts Christmas sticker sheet

Kiss the Easter Beagle and other vintage Easter Peanuts stickers sheets with Snoopy & Woodstock

Vintage Snoopy Peanuts Easter sticker sheet Hallmark

Woodstock’s very own Easter sticker sheet!

Peanuts Woodstock spring-Easter vintage sticker sheet

Vintage Snoopy and Woodstock – Peanuts sticker sheet set

Vintage Snoopy Halloween sticker sheet

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Woodstock and Snoopy – Old Peanuts Thanksgiving sticker sheet

Old Woodstock and Snoopy - Peanuts Thanksgiving sticker sheet

Snoopy gets sporty – retro Peanuts character stickers

Snoopy gets sporty - retro sticker sheet

Bonus: Classic Peanuts stickers sheets – postage (Hallmark/ 1960s)

Classic Peanuts postage sticker set (Hallmark) - 1960s

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  1. I have 3 sheets of the postage mail sticker sheets. They are complete, with the green back air mail stickers included, that your example is missing. The stickers are in excellent condition, and have never been bent. My pages are in good condition, with the back page slightly yellow, from age.

    Would you be interested in buying them from me? Please write me back to let me know, either way. I am giving you first chance at them. Thanks a bunch and have a great day.

  2. I have 10 sheets of mailbag label sheets and also 1 full ADV 44 and a 45 missing 3 sticker. They are complete, with the green air mail stickers included, which your example is missing. The stickers are in excellent condition and have never been bent. My pages are in good condition, with the back page slightly yellow, from the age.
    Would you be interested in buying them from me? Please write back to [email protected], to let me know anyway. I’m giving you the first chance on them. Thank you so much and I have a great night!

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