Thelonious Monk altered the language of jazz (1982)

“Thelonious,” a tune from his very first Blue Note session, had verses fashioned from a single ingeniously hammered note, with three horns playing shifting dissonances behind it. He developed the one-note motif in his solo and then abruptly broke into some pure, old-fashioned Harlem oompah stride.

How to laugh, just for girls (1955)

Laughter is a serious thing. Hoot if you must, but strict attention should be paid to how you laugh and when. It is the barometer of your emotional state. Precisely put, laughter is a form of behavior.

Men DO make passes at girls who wear glasses! (1953)

The girl with four eyes is no longer shunned. She is considered attractive. In fact, she is so attractive that the style-conscious women with 20-20 vision envy her. In certain areas, women with perfect vision buy gay frames and put window glass in them.

The Twilight Zone opening theme (1959-1965)

Widely regarded as one of the best and most innovative television shows of all time, The Twilight Zone premiered in 1959, and would go on to dazzle, delight and frighten audiences for the next five seasons.

Top 100 baby names for boys in the year 1955

What were the keenest, neatest and most popular names for newborns in the mid-fifties? Check out this chart of the top 100 names for baby boys who were born in the year 1955!

Woman’s Day magazine covers from 1950

Take a look back here at Woman's Day covers during the year 1950, and marvel at how much magazine marketing, photography and graphic design have changed.

Hollywood finds Rock Hudson (1957)

Hollywood has found Rock Hudson. And Rock Hudson will play every conceivable role possible, until either he objects, or the box office begins to slump.

Retro pink bathroom styles of the 1950s

While not exclusively the domain of the fifties, the popularity of pink bathrooms - including pink toilets, sinks and bathtubs - reached its peak during the middle of the century.

Elvis & Sun Records Studio (1954)

Here is the Sun Records Studio, where Elvis Presley got his break into the music business in 1954. Sun Studio was opened by rock pioneer Sam Phillips at 706 Union Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee, on January 3, ... Read more...

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