Lionel Trains: Vintage toy locomotives from the 50s

Lionel Trains Vintage toy locomotives from the 1950s

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Make him the happiest boy in the world this Christmas (1950)

… with the only train in the world with ‘Magne-traction’ — the sensational new 1950 Lionel Trains. More speed, more climb, more pull, and more control!

Magne-Traction — the exclusive Lionel track-gripping development — is the most amazing advance in model trains, Lionel trains set new speed records on the straightaway. They swing around tight curves at faster than ever speed. Lionel locomotives climb tough grades where others can’t even get a start… pull twice as many cars twice as fast.

You enjoy split-second control, too. Lionel trains start “on the button,” stop “on a dime.” Magne-Traction is the great climax to all the features that have made Lionel trains the world’s finest for 50 years, And Lionel trains are priced lower today then for many year past.

Only Lionel has all these features — Built-in, two-tone remote control whistle, real smoke — clean, odorless, harmless, real R.R remote-control Knuckle Couplers, Steel Wheelers and Die-cast Tracks, plus Magne-traction.

Lionel toy train sets from 1950

In all the world… No other trains like Lionel Trains (1950s)

Magne-Traction for more speed, more pull, more climb, more control… only Lionel has it! Smoke-puffing steam locos with built-in two-tone whistle. Great horn-blaring Diesels. Action-packed operating cars and accessories. Here’s everything you ever hoped for… see it all at your Lionel Dealer’s!

New Lionel Water Tank — Realistic! Water spout can be lowered over engine and raised again.

New Lionel Coaling Station has 4 remote control actions! Loads, lifts, empties, lowers.


Lionel Trains: Worth being good for (1952)

There’s nothing wrong if your by seems too good to be true this time of year. It could well mean he’s reached that Great Age of Boyhood… the Lionel Train age.

He’s full of a bright and shining team that’s alive with flashing action and the click of rails and the deep whistle of smoke-puffing engines. And that Lionel dream is worth being good for, too…

For only Lionel Trains match your boy’s dream… with real R.R. Knuckle Couplers, Die-Cast Trucks and Solid Steel Wheels plus realistic puffing smoke and built-in two-tone whistle. The World’s finest for over 50 years.

Vintage 1952 Lionel Trains Worth being good for

In all the world… (1952)

… No other trains like Lionel trains.

They are by far the most famous trains — big or small — in all the world. For over 50 years, Lionel Trains have played a thrilling part in the lives of millions of boys and grown-ups. No other railroad, big or small, can equal that record.

Gratify your boy’s natural desire for the realism, thrill and adventure of Lionel Trains. Take him on a Christmas trip to a Lionel dealer. See the most realistic smoke-puffing locomotives, authentic Diesels. The only trains with real R.R. Knuckle Couplers, Die-Cast Trucks, Solid Steel Wheels and Built-in two-tone Whistle. In every way — the world’s finest for over 50 years.

Cattle Car and Platform puts on a complete act. Touch the remote-control button, and overhead doors open, loading ramp drops into place, cattle troop out!

Operating Coal Loader picks up real artificial coal, carries it up by conveyor belt and dumps it in the waiting hopper car.

Get a real engineer’s cap like this for your boy! Official Engineer’s Cap in striped denim, plus 5 R.R. insignia emblems to wear on it, together with Catalog, Rule Book and Building Kit all for only 50 cents!


Boys, get that real R.R. Engineer’s Thrill (1952)

…That comes only with Lionel Trains!

Yes-siree, when a boy wants trains he means Lionel trains. The only trains that look and sound and perform like the real thing — the only trains with real R.R. Knuckle Couplers, Die-Cast Trucks, Solid Steel Wheels and built-in Two-Tone Whistle. The most realistic of smoke-puffing steam locomotives. The most authentic Diesels. See them at your Lionel Dealer’s and take Dad along. That’s the way to make your Lionel Christmas dream come true. Do it now!

Diesel-type operating coal loaner. Realistic, artificial coal, dumped from car, is fed to rubber endless conveyor belt. Coal tips from the multiple buckets into car.

Conveyor-type operating lumber loader. Completely remote controlled. Logs are carried to upper platform on endless conveyor belt tumble over automatically tilting stakes into car. Car and not included.

Fellows, the most wonderful Train Book in the world in the Lionel Catalog. And it’s a smart thing to leave around the house where Dad can have it. Get yours now. Take advantage of these coupon offers!

Old Lionel Trains from 1952

When a boy wants trains: 1950s Lionel train sets (1952)

The name Lionel has become a tradition…  the most hoped for and wanted trains in the world of boys.

Your boy’s natural desire for the realism, thrill and adventure of Lionel Trains is a part of growing up… his experience with other boys who proudly own them.

Boys know that nothing matches Lionel Trains for engineering, action and performance … for puffing smoke, built-in Two-tone Whistle, real R.R. Knuckle Couplers, Die-Cast Trucks and Solid Steel Wheels. In every way the World’s finest for over 50 years.

Stop at your LIONEL DEALER for a free copy of the big new Lionel Catalog. Take your boy and see the big line-up of Steam Locomotives. Diesels,rolling stock and accessories in action.

1950s Lionel train sets (1952)

Show mom & dad you want Lionel Trains! (1955)

Hi Fellas! If you can connect the dots and see me then you’re big enough for a smoke-puffing, whistling Lionel Train! Send her zipping up mountains, ‘round curves… she’s packed with the super power of exclusive Lionel ‘Magne-traction’!

Wow! There’s a lion’s share of adventure with all those operating cars and accessories, tool Get Mom and Dad down to your Lionel dealer’s fast! Complete train gets from $19.95!

1955 Lionel Train toys

The whole family loved vintage 1950s Lionel train sets (1953)

This “ring around the family” is the happiest hobby in millions of American homes. Father and son (and daughter, too!) team up as engineers of the world’s most famous railroad… Lionel!

They send those real-life trains highballing around the track with all the extra speed and power of Lionel’s exclusive Magne-Traction. And it’s a joy for mom, too. She knows everything is running smoothly… her family and Lionel Trains.

Vintage 1950s Lionel train sets (1953)

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