Happy jack-o’-lantern Halloween decorations you can carve (1959)

Carve your own happy jack-o'-lantern Halloween decorations (1959)

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When jack-o’-lantern carving time rolls around, conjure up your own designs, or try one of these that use pumpkins or squash!

Carve jack-o'-lantern Halloween decorations

Droll “outer space” man will make spirits rise

For this Halloween man from Mars, cut V-shaped lid off pumpkin; scoop out seeds. Continue line to form V-shaped eyes, as shown. Place big ripe olives where eyes meet. Cut nose with potato parer.

Cut mouth; poke in twisted-macaroni teeth. Ears are carrots, halved lengthwise, fastened with toothpicks. Curly carrot tops make hair.

Start with butternut squash for Slap-happy Sam

There’s no reason to use a pumpkin every time! Pick a squash and fashion this jolly comic.

First, cut an opening in the back of squash — top stays intact. Scoop out. With apple corer, carve eyes and teeth (easy if you sketch features on first). Finish eyes, mouth with paring knife. For tongue, anchor half a large radish in mouth with toothpick.

Cut nose and push piece out slightly at bottom; secure with toothpicks. Make strands of hair with carrot tops or fluffs of parsley. For jaunty hat: Cut a hole in paper coaster and push over stem. Glue an upside-down nut cup atop to form the crown.

Daffy Devil has carrot horns, eyebrows of celery

Light a candle inside this pumpkin-head and set in a window to greet little “tricksters,” or use it to keynote a fall buffet.

Choose a tall pumpkin. Cut the lid V-shape with the point in front. (Slant knife inward so lid will be smaller at bottom and won’t fall in pumpkin.) Remove contents. Cut triangular features as shown. From the eye cutouts, carve flat triangles and pivot slightly in openings so they project for eyelids; secure with toothpicks.

Cut mouth; attach mouthpiece with pins or toothpicks to form lower lip. Attach small leafy celery stalks for eyebrows. Toothpick big carrots in place for horns (slant ends to fit against pumpkin).

Hello Halloween! Party food & fun for teens (1963)

Saucer-eyed Goblin Girl will invite smiles

Try a jack-o’-lantern lass for once!

You’ll need a round pumpkin with a long stem. Draw a zigzag line around top for the hair; cut along line and remove lid. Scoop out contents.

Make eyes with apple corer. Carve out mouth with paring knife. Poke toothpicks into the radish nose from inside pumpkin. Gently press in upper edge of pumpkin-the “Italian haircut” will stand out when lid’s in place. Now tie a wide-ribbon bow on stem.

Halloween party food

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