Ribbony Christmas crafts that you can make for your home (1963)

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Ribbony Christmas crafts for your home (1963)

Festive ribbons for your curtains

Carry a decorated-for-Christmas look to a window treatment with colorful satin-tone gift-wrapping ribbon. Loop the ribbons over the draperies and fasten them to the rod with pressure-sensitive tape. Accent loops with streamers.

Festive ribbons for your curtains

Tissue paper for Carnival Christmas balls

Carnival Christmas balls, hung by thick tinsel ropes, issue a cordial invitation to after-dinner coffee. Tissue paper is folded then gathered with thin wire or pipe cleaners, then inserted into plastic balls.

Utilize the brilliant range in color that tissue paper affords, and try wild and wonderful combinations. they’re breathtaking in vibrant blues and greens, tangerine and mauve. The dwarf size is delightful for decking and evergreen — a few giants will twirl fetchingly in front of a picture window. Try these inexpensive creations in every room.

Tissue paper for Carnival Christmas balls from 1963

Deck the halls with lots of homemade ’60s-style Christmas decor

Festive painted bowl with ribbons

Overhead trimming for a holiday table! A plastic salad bowl is suspended like a balloon gondola, heaped with small surprises to finish the feast. Paint the bowl a brilliant hue, then paste on seals and metallic paper stars.

Festive painted bowl with ribbons from 1963

Festive faux swirled candles made with ribbon

Swirls of multicolored satin ribbon change cardboard cylinders [wrapping paper tubes] into a splendid array of make-believe candles used for a centerpiece. Placemats were woven of color coordinated self-stick gift ribbon, shaped over a rectangle lf light cardboard. Give the mats a light spray with clear lacquer so they’ll be spot-resistant.

Festive faux swirled candles made with ribbon

Chocolate-dipped cream cookies (1971)

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