How to make a retro robot Halloween costume – just like they did in the ’50s

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Hey, kids! Be a Halloween robot (1957)

This year, when Sis and Junior demand “something different” in a Halloween costume to win first prize at the neighborhood party, why not let them go as robots?

With a few cardboard boxes and some aluminum foil, you can make robot costumes that will be the hit of the party. Some easy-to-make masks of aluminum foil will help to make each costume a little different.

The disguises described here were designed by Conny of Aluminum Company of America.

How to make a retro robot Halloween costume

Robot Halloween costume

For the robot costume, you will need:

  • Corrugated cardboard boxes (4)
  • Poster paint
  • Cellophane tape
  • Old radio tubes, pieces of wire for decorations

A large corrugated board box is needed to cover the body. Cut off the top or bottom of the box and cut holes at each side, near the closed end, for arms to pass through Cut another hole at the top for the head. Cover box completely with foil.

A smaller box, with one end left open for the head to pass through, is also covered with foil. Cut holes for eyes, and decorate with poster paint.

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1957 Robot foil Halloween costume mask

Place two radio tubes at the sides for ears, and tape two spirals of crushed foil on top for antennae.

Two boxes, long enough to reach the knee, with both ends cut out, nuke the legs. Cover with foil, and secure strings at the top of each box so that the legs are supported by the strings from the waist.

The front of the large box, (the body), can be decorated with wires, radio tubes or poster paint. Use your imagination here.

Cover the hands of the wearer of the costume with aluminum foil, and the robot Halloween costume is all ready to take first place.

Vintage halloween costumes


For something completely different in Halloween masks, try making them of foil. They are quickly made and very durable. In addition, they are easy, This robot aluminum foil to shape to the facial contours of the person wearing them.

You will need:

  • Alcoa wrap aluminum foil
  • Poster paint
  • Ribbon
  • Crepe or construction paper

First, cut out a mask from foil to cover the face of the wearer. Make it long enough so that foil can be molded up over the forehead. Then, cut eyes, nose and mouth openings. (Make sure openings are cut clean, without sharp slivers of foil.) From there, give vent your flair for individuality. Decorate around the openings with colored construction paper, crepe paper, or poster paint, giving the mask a personality all its own.

For added effect, use foil to make curly hair. For hair, fold lengthwise two-inch wide strip of foil inches long. Curl this a candlestick, or around the finger. This will curl the foil to and the strip can be attached to the top of the mask with glue or cellophane tape. A series of these curled strips makes a full head of hair for the mask.

Half masks are simply cut from double-thick foil. Openings are cut for eyes, and the masks are then decorated with poster paint, crepe paper, construction paper or foil.

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