Remember old Nitey Nite sleepers – footed pajamas from the 40s & 50s?

Remember vintage Nitey Nite sleepers - Pajamas for kids

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Old Nitey Nite pajama sleepers for kids (1949)

Now it’s buy time for Nitey Nite. Now these popular sleepers, sturdily tailored of healthful, absorbent, feather- soft fabric, come in seven bright song-bird colors. There’s Canary and Robin. There’s Flamingo and Tanager and Bluebird. There’s Parakeet and Humming-bird green.

Cradle your cherubs in these gay Nitey Nites. They will be cozy and warm as song-birds in their nest because Arctic Nitey Nite Sleepers are 10 ways better.

  • healthful, absorbent, pure cotton fabric.
  • every important seam is nine thread sewn.
  • every point of strain is reinforced.
  • full-cut seat with self-help closings.
  • comfortable neck-line assures needed chest-protection.
  • sweater-cuff gives four inch adjustable sleeve-length; hugs wrists warmly.
  • exclusive “bootee’’ foot with double sole for extra warmth, wear, comfort.
  • gripper fasteners end button problems.
  • easy to wash — hold shape and fit.
  • generous sizes in seven sudfast song-bird colors.

Old Nitey Nite pajama sleepers for kids (1949)

Nitey Nite sleepers – Footed pajamas for kids (1948)

Time for Nitey Nite!

Bedtime is “Time for Nitey Nite.” Cradle your darlings in blossom-bright Nitey Nite Sleepers.

Sturdily tailored of soft, absorbent, pure cotton, they guard your little ones from yawn to dawn.  The sweater-cuff provides four inches of adjustable sleeve-length. The comfortable “bootee foot” is double-soled for double warmth and wear.

Every smooth seam is nine-thread sewn; every point of strain is reinforced. Gripper-fasteners end button problems, encourage self-help.

Easy to wash, Nitey Nite Sleepers keep their shape after countless trips to the tub. Four gay sud-fast colors — Buttercup, Delphinium, Rosebud, Lotus.

Vintage Nitey Nite sleepers - Footed pajamas for kids (1948)

Nitey Nite sleepers (1950)

Thread for thread… dollar for dollar…Nitey Nite sleepers are 10 ways better

Young America delights in their gay Nitey Nights and the fur-soft touch of the pure cotton fabric. Mothers know that these sleepers are both pretty and practical.

Nitey Nite sleepers are weather-conditioned in Arctic and Medium weights. Arctic Nitey Nite — once-piece style; sizes 4-8. Arctic and Medium Nitey Nite, two-piece style; sizes 0-4. Also three-piece sets. Nitey Nite Pajama, ski-style, no feet; sizes 4-8; 10-16. Nitey Nite Junior, a cuddly take-to-bed doll.

Nitey Nite sleepers at your favorite department store or children’s shop – Made by Glendale Knitting Corporation, Perry, NY

Retro style Nitey Nite sleepers (1950)

Vintage Nitey Nite sleepers – Pajamas for kids (1951)

Now Nitey Nite sleepers are shrink-resistant.

Their fur-soft, fur-warm fabric is floated through a new scientifically measured process and comes to you pre-tested, pre-shrunk. Launder Nitey Nite time after time, they will hold their shape and fit. Buy Nitey Nites for gay color… warmth… wear and all their 10 famous features. 

  • shrink-resistant, pure cotton fabric.
  • every important seam is nine-thread sewn.
  • every point of strain is reinforced.
  • warm sweater-cuff hugs wrists; gives 4-inch adjustable sleeve-length.
  • exclusive “bootee” foot, with double sole for warmth and wear.
  • full-cut seat and “i-help-myself” closings.
  • gripper fasteners end button problems.
  • comfortable neckline assures needed chest protection.
  • easy to wash — hold shape and fit.
  • generous sizes in six sudfast colors: Canary, Bluebird, Flamingo, Parrakeet, Hummingbird, Robin.

Vintage Nitey Nite sleepers - Pajamas for kids (1951)

How vintage Nitey Nite sleepers made costumes (1952)

Here’s the news in sleepers… Nitey Nite is better!

Clever Mothers can trim Nitey Nite sleepers into Angels, Devils, Tigers, Canaries… even into a Watermelon and a Radish — as seen at this birthday party.

Mothers have long looked to Nitey Nite for the best in sleepers. Now the new — improved — Nitey Nite is better than ever. Never before has a sleeper assured so much comfort for your darlings… such easy care for you. 

Soft.. Fleecy fabric — The new fabric is the finest ever made to cozy your cherubs. Knit of pure, virgin-cotton it’s softer… fleecier— and there’s wear in every thread. All gay songbird colors are absolutely sudfast. Important improvements in fit and construction have been developed. Smooth seams are nine-thread sewn; reinforced at points of strain. Elastic back is bar-tacked to prevent pull-outs. Gripper fasteners invite independence; end sewing. Double sweater-cuffs allow four-inch adjustable sleeve-length. Shapely bootee feet have double soles for extra warmth.

Perry-ized for Size-fast fit — Normal washing can never shrink nor stretch a Nitey Nite out of size because it’s Perry-ized for permanent size-fast fit.

Buy Nitey Nite at your favorite shop today because Nitey Nite is the best buy for your darlings and your dollars. 

How vintage Nitey Nite sleepers could be made into costumes (1952)

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  1. These pajamas are really well made. I have two pairs of these nitey nite pajama’s toddler size, from 1953/54, that I would like to sell. They are in excellent condition, no holes or rips. Where would be the best place to list them?

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