History of Pepsi-Cola: See the popular soda brand over the years

Vintage Pepsi bottles - Glass with foam labels (1980s)

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Pepsi-Cola: The drink that puts the sun out of business (1907)

PEPSI-Cola is an absolutely pure combination of pepsin — that’s what your stomach needs these days  — acid phosphate and the juices of fresh fruits.

PEPSI-Cola invigorates, refreshes, creates a healthy appetite and prevents sleeplessness without being of itself in the slightest degree “heavy.” Say PEPSI-Cola to the Soda Fountain — 5c — and beware of imitations.

Old Pepsi-Cola ad (1907)

Vintage Pepsi-Cola ad – Old-fashioned soda fountain (1908)

If you want the best drink at the fountain, say PEPSI-COLA to the soda man. The coolest summer drink for hottest summer days — the most delicious and refreshing too.

Vintage Pepsi-Cola ad - Old-fashioned soda fountain (1908)

“My! Pepsi makes me feel ready for a good day’s work” (1916)

Nothing to put you in prime fighting trim — to make you feel like work — like Pepsi Cola.

Clears your mental decks for action — exerts just the bracing and invigorating effects needed to start the day right and keep at top speed through the long afternoon.

For all thirsts, Pepsi-Cola

Pepsi Cola Bracing and invigorating to start the day right (1916)

One of the times to say Pepsi-Cola… to your “friend wife” (1916)

Just when you get home in the evening, after a long, hot, sticky day — and you’re tired and thirsty — that’s the time to say “Pepsi Cola” to “friend wife.”

That long, thin, tinkly “ice-bergy” glass just seems to sharpen up appetites for dinner…

Vintage Pepsi-Cola ad - your friend wife (1916)

Pepsi Cola is the drink for you cartoon (1947)

Pepsi Cola is the drink for you cartoon (1947)

Why Pepsi-Cola keeps you slim (ads from the 1950s)

Ask any modern woman how she arranges to stay so slim and trim — and she’ll probably credit her same choice of lighter food and drink. Today’s Pepsi Cola fits right in with this modern diet trend. Reduced in calories — never too sweet — today’s Pepsi refreshes without filling.

Old ad - Arrangement for slimness with Pepsi cola (1958)

Pepsi-Cola: Such fun to be with (1956)

It’s the wonderful people around you who make this such a  great time to live in. Such lovely, slim-waisted women! Such lean, good-looking men!

Thanks to today’s sensible eating habits, today’s active people keep their waistlines slender — and feel fine. Their up-to-date taste is for the lighter, less-filling foods and drinks. Pepsi-Cola goes right along with this sensible trend in diet…

Old 1950s Pepsi ad - Pepsi-Cola Such fun to be with (1956)

Pepsi: Refresh without filling (1956)

Glance in the mirror, lovely lady. Be glad you’re so slender, so easy to dress, so admired wherever you go. Then take time to bless your own good sense for making you what you are.

It’s your modern taste for the lighter, less-filing foods that give you that slim waistline — and keeps you always feeling fine and fit for fun. Pepsi-Cola goes right along with the wholesome trend in diet. Today’s Pepsi, reduced in calories, is never heavy, never too sweet. Have a Pepsi and refresh without filling.

Have a Pepsi — the modern light refreshment.


Today’s active people for the light refreshment (1958)

The modern sun-lover loves — and follows — the modern trend toward lighter food and drink. And the results are astonishingly slim, trim and beautiful.

Pepsi-Cola, of course, is the favored refreshment here. Today’s Pepsi, reduced in calories, is never heavy, never too sweet. Have a Pepsi and refresh without filling.

Old Pepsi beach ad - Today's active people for the light refreshment (1958)

Footloose and fancy-free with the light refreshment (1958)


Ever so smart, so debonair (1959)

What’s so fair… so brimming with trim, good looks and vitality… as today’s up-to-date Americans? They favor the new light look. And everything in the land reflects their preferences.

Move toward the light look. Look smart. Stay young and fair and debonair. Be sociable. Have a Pepsi — the lighter Pepsi of today, reduced in calories.


The sociables prefer Pepsi – Vintage ad (1960)

The sociables prefer Pepsi - Vintage ad (1960)

Pepsi while bowling (1961)

Vintage Pepsi cans and bottles - Logo and labeling in 1962

Wooden crates of old-fashioned glass Pepsi bottles (1962)

Vintage Pepsi ad - for those who think young (1963)

Vintage Pepsi ad - small cups for those who think young (1962)

Vintage Pepsi and bowling - for those who think young (1960s)

Pepsi in a grocery store refrigerated section (1966)

Pepsi taste beats the others cold (1968)

Empty vintage Pepsi cola cans at the factory (1969)

Old Pepsi truck on Lombard Street in San Francisco (1970)

Pepsi after Little League game (1971)

Pepsi bike race in 1974

The Pepsi Challenge taste-test (1976)

The Pepsi Challenge in 1981

Girl pouring Pepsi from huge bottle (1986)

Little girl jumping to reach the coin slot on a vintage Pepsi vending machine (1988)

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