How to make a great old-fashioned guest bedroom

How to make a great guest bedroom (1910)

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The guest room: Tips from 1910

In building a new house, the location of the guest room should receive careful thought.

As it is not a room in constant use, it may be placed on the north or west, provided the lack of sunshine be requited with bright paper and furnishings.

The mark of the guest room is its appointments. It should be fitted with all the comforts that art and ingenuity provide in house furnishings, as far as your purse will allow.

An adjoining bath and dressing room are very fine to add to a guest room, but this is not always possible. But plenty of extra covering for cool nights, a couch, comfortable chairs and a desk are possible.

Vintage bedroom decor from 1917

A table firm enough to hold a reading lamp and a comfortable armchair are appreciated by a guest, particularly a man.

Matting is a good floor covering if one cannot afford hardwood floor and rugs.

Lace, net or muslin curtains are proper to screen the windows, and may hung to the floor or only to the sill, according to the shape of the casement. Over-curtains, if used, are pretty of cretonne or of madras in light colors.

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The decoration of the wall is better accomplished with a wallpaper in harmonious colors than by hanging a lot of cheap pictures.

In all articles of toilet kept in readiness for guests, the preference should be given to simple and substantial articles, without ornamentation.

The expression of taste on the part of the hostess is shown quickly in her selection of the necessary belongings of the dressing table. A set of sewing materials should be a part of the guest room fittings, as they are often necessary.

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1911 home sleeping porch

Do not close the guest room up when not in use. Let it partake of the atmosphere of the house and home. Have it bright and cheerful, with “welcome” looking out from every corner.

Be sure the bed is a comfortable one. Try it yourself some night, and not only learn about the physical comforts you offer your guests, but note if the selection of furnishings is an artistic one, investing the transient character of the room with an element of home-likeness.

Bedroom home decor ideas from 1919

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