Famolare shoes: The shape of fashion (1978)

The fashioning of shape

The shape of fashion

All across the country, this shoe is becoming a dynamic symbol of the way Americans like to look and feel. The four-wave concept, created by award-winning designer Joe Famolare, is characteristic of today’s free-flowing spirit of adventure and challenge. Now millions are discovering a source of energy almost forgotten, the energy that comes from walking — walking on Famolare waves.

Famolare: Puts America on its feet / Get there



Get up

Designer Joe Famolare has created a shoe that makes you want to get up and stay up, it’s so comfortable and easy on your feet.

The extraordinary design, a unique concept, rolls your foot forward almost effortlessly. And the anatomically contoured inner sole provides such perfect support that fatigue goes virtually unnoticed.

Like all the exciting Famolare designs, the Get Up’ comes in a variety of contemporary styles and in the finest of Italian leathers.


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