Sweet holiday treats

Above, beginning at top and reading from left to right: Boxed Dates and Figs Stuffed with Fondant, Fresh Coconut Patties, Walnut Creams, Scotch Shortbread in fluted piepan, Holiday Hard Sauce in glass jar, Rum Balls in fan-shaped glass dish, Spiced Raisins and Sugared Pecans in square dishes, and Peanut Brittle in cellophane bag.

Below, beginning at top and reading from left to right: Glass jars of Butterscotch and Bittersweet-Chocolate Sauces, Raisin-and-Peanut Clusters in red gift box, Burnt Almonds in leaf-shaped dish and plastic cheese box, Holiday Nut Roll on board, Candied Grapefruit Peel and Candied Cranberries in green dish, and cherry-topped Divinity Drops.

Delrich “Variety” Cookies recipe


Starlight mint surprise cookies recipe


Merry Christmas Cookie recipes from 1950

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Source publication: Woman's Day

Source publication date: December 1950

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