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Here is a group of irresistible cookies of every kind which you’ll enjoy making as much as giving. Cookies are part of the Christmas fun; share their making and eating with your children and friends, and weave them thus into your own family’s Christmas traditions.

Christmas cookies shown above:

1. Spice Fan. 2. Christmas Star. 3. Chocolate Coconut Cookie. 4. Pink and White Fancy. 5. Spiced Orange Flower. 6. Chocolate Corn Flake Meringue. 7. Chocolate Peanut Butter Drop. 8 & 14. Vanilla Christmas Cookies. 9. Brown Sugar Nut Mound. 10. Dundee Tea Bar. 11. Sherry Christmas Tree. 12. Swirl Cookie. 13. Fruited Molasses Bar. 15. Chocolate Butterscotch Bar. 16. Danish Spice Cookie. 17. Chewy Coconut Square. 18. Butterscotch Cutout. 19. Glazed Almond Cookie. 20. Tier Cookie. 21. Chocolate Mint Cookie. 22. Pecan Crisp. 23. English Rock. 24. Coconut Oatmeal Cookie.

Cookie recipes: Chocolate Butterscotch Bars, Spicy Molasses Cut-Outs, Lemon-Nut Cookies, Lemon Frosting, Noels, Butterscotch Cutouts

christmas-cookies-children-love-1962-vintage-recipes (1)


Cookie recipes: Pink & White Fancies, Chocolate Coconut Cookies, Almond Frosting, Chocolate Peanut Butter Drops, Chocolate Fudge Meringues

christmas-cookies-children-love-1962-vintage-recipes (2)


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Cookie recipes: Brown Sugar Nut Mounds, Sherry Christmas Trees, Chocolate Corn Flake Meringues, Pecan Crisps, Coconut Oatmeal Cookies, Swirl Cookies

christmas-cookies-children-love-1962-vintage-recipes (3)


Cookie recipes: Fruited Molasses Bars, Cinnamon Frosting, Christmas Stars, Vanilla Christmas Cookies, Vanilla Frosting, Tier Cookies

christmas-cookies-children-love-1962-vintage-recipes (4)


Cookie recipes: Coconut Macaroons, Finger Cookies, Chewy Nut Brownies, Spice Fans, Glazed Almond Cookies, Swedish Crescents

christmas-cookies-children-love-1962-vintage-recipes (5)


Cookie recipes: Danish Spice Cookies, English Rock Cookies, Raisin Nut Pinwheels, Dundee Tea Bars

christmas-cookies-children-love-1962-vintage-recipes (6)


Cookie recipes: Peanut Butteroons, Coffee-Nut Macaroons, Spiced Orange Flowers, Coconut Orange Squares, Chewy Coconut Squares, Chocolate Refrigerator Cookies

christmas-cookies-children-love-1962-vintage-recipes (7)

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  1. Lilly Dee

    So far, I’ve made the Chocolate Butter Scotch Bars, Vanilla Christmas Cookies, & the Pink & White Fancies last Christmas, and they were outstandingly delicious! Great gift cookies, everyone raved about them. I will be making more of these delicious cookies this Christmas too. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS WEB SITE! Thank you, it is so much fun!


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