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Amelia Earhart feared lost (1937)

AMELIA FEARED LOST Navy ships ordered to begin hunt Plane over 2500-mile Pacific waste Island is goal Tiny spot in Pacific to be landing site Howland Island, Oceania, July 2 - The coast guard cut... Read more...

Train station etiquette (1921)

Train station etiquette by Mary Marshall Duffee To say that the well-bred person is on time when he takes a train might be unfair. But it is a fact the well-bred person shows his consideration for others in... Read more...

Tips for train travel with children (1910)

If the weather is not too warm, it is a good plan to have a child wear his bonnet when he lies down. This will keep cinders from his ears and will help deaden the noise of the train.

United Airlines: The radar line (1958)

On United, you enjoy a feeling of at-homeness that’s found on no other airline. You’ll sense it when you make your reservation, when you board your Mainliner.

TWA helps you beat the airport waiting game (1968)

You have to have a system to beat the airport waiting game. We do. A complete team of ground personnel trained to get you from front door to exit door without a hitch. When you fly at nearly 600 mph on a jet, we can’t afford to slow you down on the ground.

Fun people vacation in Arkansas (1961)

Fun People ...a new breed of vacationing Americans who pack their holiday with pleasure. They insist on sun, and they're wild about water sports. They like the relaxing quiet of a mountain trail but with a cha... Read more...

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