San Francisco to Honolulu flight log souvenir cards (1956)

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In the fifties, flying on a passenger airplane was a big deal. You would receive farewell cards, dress up to travel, and once you were onboard the plane, you were treated like you were a guest at a luxury resort. The flight attendants — then, of course, known as stewardesses — would even give you souvenirs of your trip, such as the “Flight Logs” shown below. The cards showed the name of the clipper and other statistics specific to your flight.

From “Romance of the Skies”

Traveling from San Francisco, California to Honolulu, Hawaii
Date: June 30, 1956
Distance in miles: 2,420
Altitude: 10,000
Air speed: 251
Outside temperature: 41 degrees F
Inside temperatore: 72 degrees F
Captain: Delarevelle

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From “Queen of the Skies”

Traveling from Honolulu, Hawaii to San Francisco, California
Date: August 3, 1956
Distance in miles: 2,440
Altitude: 17,000, climbing to 21,000
Air speed: 240 knots/280 MPH
Outside temperature: 26 degrees F at 17,000 feet; 5 degrees F at 21,000 feet
Inside temperatore: 75 degrees F
Captain: Regnery


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