Queen Mary Tour: 81,000 tons of fun in Long Beach (1974)

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Enjoy every attraction on the biggest family show afloat!

The Queen Mary was the greatest, most luxurious ship ever to sail the seas. And now you will see the famous ocean liner as no passenger ever could. Today the Queen Mary is a cornplete family entertainment center with all the ingredients to make your cruise on the Queen Mary Tour a day you’ll remember for years to come.

The Queen Mary Tour is hundreds of attractions in one, three separate tours in one — but all for just one admission. The Upper Decks Tour, the Queen Mary Museum and Jacques Cousteau’s Living Sea all combine to make the Queen Mary Tour truly the biggest farnily show afloat. There’s history and spectacle throughout every inch of the Queen Mary. On the Upper Decks Tour you’ll see everything from the bridge command center to the officers quarters to a stateroom for which passengers once paid $5,000 a voyage!

In the Queen Mary Museum, you’ll tour the mammoth engine room with its 40,000 horsepower engines and you’ll delight in the nostalgic and unique exhibits and films which comprise the Queen Mary Story. Jacques Cousteau’s Living Sea is a complete attraction in itself. On your voyage of adventure and discovery through this remarkable place you’ll learn about life in the sea–past, present and future. You’ll also see plenty of strange and wondrous sea critters!

To make your Queen Mary Tour even more enjoyable, you’ll want to visit the fine shops and restaurants and the unique Queen Mary Hotel, which has more than 400 of the original staterooms as deluxe accommodations. There is nothing like the Queen Mary and there is nothing like the Queen Mary Tour. To enjoy both to the fullest, we invite you to follow the tour paths on the illustrations on the next pages. Bon voyage!

Queen Mary Tour: 81,000 tons of fun in Long Beach, California

queen-mary-vintage-brochure-1970s (3)

queen-mary-vintage-brochure-1970s (1)

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queen-mary-vintage-brochure-1970s (4)


Queen Mary tour brochure (1975)


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