1960s California & Los Angeles were exciting vacation destinations any time of year

1960s vintage Los Angeles and Southern California views and vacations

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There were so many things to do in 1960s California

Back in the 1960s, lots of people loved taking a vacation to Southern California and Los Angeles. This region was a top choice for folks who wanted sunshine, beaches, and fun — and perhaps an incidental brush with celebrity. After all, Hollywood was already a big deal, and the music scene was getting famous too, with the “California Sound” taking over. 

If you went on a trip to California in the 1960s, you could check out forever-popular places like Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Universal Studios, which were brand new at the time. The Sunset Strip in West Hollywood was another popular spot for nightlife in 1960s California, with lots of bars and music clubs.

For some beach fun, there were many options, including Santa Monica, Venice, and Malibu. People loved to soak up the sun, go swimming, and catch some waves. And if you were into nature, you could explore amazing places like Joshua Tree National Park and the Mojave Desert for outdoor adventure.

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Oranges next to snow / Living it up in the 1960s California desert

Oranges next to snow - Living it up in the desert - 1960s Southern California

A mission as old as the US / Southern California park

A mission as old as the US - Southern California park - 1960s Southern California

Exciting Los Angeles / A desert scene (but it’s no mirage!)

Exciting Los Angeles - A desert scene (but it's no mirage) - 1960s Southern California

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1960s California & Los Angeles

1960s Los Angeles and vintage Southern California 3

1960s California: Spectacular year-round with these fun events

Come any time! The fun lasts all year. Enjoy all our famous attractions… plus dozens of colorful, exciting events. Find hundreds of new vacation experiences all around you.

In 1960, find a new world of sunny scenes, plus a bonus of exciting special events! Come out any time — the big Southern California Spectacular ’60 celebration is on right now and lasts all year.

  •  SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA SYMBOLS: A sun-warmed pool, azaleas in full bloom.
  • HOLLYWOOD BOWL SYMPHONIES UNDER THE STARS: July-August. In 38 years, stopped by weather twice.
  • BIG LEAGUE BASEBALL: See champ Dodgers play. Starting April.
  • HOLLYWOOD AT NIGHT: Nearby see giant movie and TV studios, the stars’ footprints.
  • TURTLE SWEEPSTAKES: They’re loosed in a circle, first one out wins.
  • GRUNION RUNS: Certain nights they flop up on beaches, are caught for fish fries. June-August.
  • CATAMARANS glide over a quiet Pacific bay. Sailing is one of our year-round sports.
  • RODEO SEASON starts in spring, attracts many top cowboy stars.
  • FLYING FISH RETURN: World’s largest skim over Avalon Bay. April.
  • “THE STACK”: Our freeways come together here at the downtown interchange.
  • BEVERLY HILLS: Typical scene at one of the world’s most beautiful residential areas.
  • PALMS AND MOUNTAIN SNOW: Mt San Bernardino towers over orange groves.


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Southern California Spectacular 60

1960s California: All this at hometown prices (1965)

All four seasons are vacation seasons in Southern California. That’s unusual, but good.

With visitors coming out here all around the calendar, we can afford to be reasonable. Most hotels, motels, restaurants and shops charge about what you’d pay at home. Yet look at all there is to see and do!

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Spring desert show of wild poppies / Big Santa Monica Bay

Spring desert show of wild poppies - Big Santa Monica Bay in Southern California (1965)

Try subtropical shopping! / Striking new Music Center in 1960s California

Try subtropical shopping - Striking new Music Center in Southern California (1965)

Pacific drama: surfer pits his skill against a tricky wave… and wins.

Pacific drama surfer pits his skill against a tricky wave in Southern California (1965)

Typical Pacific sunset / Watch movieland light up

Typical Pacific sunset - Watch movieland light up - 1960s Southern California

1960s California, Hollywood and Los Angeles: Night street scene with neon signs

1960s Hollywood and Los Angeles - Night street scene with neon signs

1960s California (1966)

Credit our gentle climate. It lures visitors to Southern California the whole livelong year. There’s no one boom season when “everybody comes.” Just four good vacation seasons instead.

So prices for meals, lodging and whatnot don’t shoot up and down. You’ll pay about what you would at home. Remember, too, you’ll see the U.S.A. on the way! Mail coupon now.

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Shown: Suburban San Fernando Valley — close to mountains, the Pacific and metropolitan attractions

Vintage Los Angeles and Southern California vacations 1966

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1960s California & vintage Los Angeles area: Sights like these are all around you. (1964)

Southern California is a world of variety. But so compact, you can see all this.

You’ll like it more because of a very rare climate (found nowhere else in North America). Rainless summers with cool nights. Vacation weather all four seasons. Why not visit us soon?

Shown: In subtropic cities, see pools, patios, modern homes that spell Southern California — Footprints of 125 stars here (Sophia Loren); In spring, see miles of wildflowers; 200 miles of Pacific sights; weird miniteral formations; winter, spring in one view

Vintage Southern California - 1964

Summertime at the Pacific: a warm sun, a cool sea breeze — and no rain (1965)

Should we charge extra for our rainless Summers? The nights are cool, too. And the humidity refreshingly low.

Yet Summer vacation prices in Southern California generally are no higher than Winter, Spring or Fall prices. Why? These seasons are just as attractive here. And with a year-round climate, year-round prices make sense.

Vintage 60s Southern California vacations - 1965

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