Dr Seuss and his Nerkle Corral (1956)

Dr Seuss (Theodore "Ted" Geisel) in 1957 at work. Photo by World Telegram & Sun photo by Al Ravenna, courtesy of the Library of Congress. Horton lives at Soledad with Nerkles and Nerds By Norman Bell ... Read more...

Wisdom for window treatments (1959)

Love the house -- love its windows! Unfortunately it doesn't always happen that way. Some of us choose a Cape Cod for its cozy charm, then discover its small windows cramp our decorating style. Some of us... Read more...

Dormeyer portable mixer with 9 speeds! (1957)

It’s a totally new kind of portable. It’s the new 1957 Dormeyer… completely redesigned and styled like a new car! Comes in white, pink, turquoise or yellow with chrome trim.

United Airlines: The radar line (1958)

On United, you enjoy a feeling of at-homeness that’s found on no other airline. You’ll sense it when you make your reservation, when you board your Mainliner.

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