Vintage travel posters: All the places you can fly (1961)

Fly to all the US and the world — by Boeing jet

You can fly Boeing jetliners to 135 cities in 70 countries, over the routes of these famous airlines. All continents, all sections of the globe are included. Today’s swift Boeing jetliner services make it possible to visit even cities on the far side of the world during the span of a normal vacation!

Boeing jets are the most proved, most popular jetliners in the world. They are preferred by more airlines and more passengers than any other jet. They also hold more speed records (over 240!) . Next trip, enjoy the speed and comfort of travel by Boeing 707 or 720!

Chicago on United Air Lines



Los Angeles via Western Airlines



Hawaii by Jet Clipper – Pan Am



Fly Eastern to Miami



American Airlines to San Francisco




Texas via Braniff International Airways



Colorado via Continental Airlines


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