Summertime Tastee-Freez treats (1956)

Banana Royale & “Swing Tassel” Clown Shaker


Exciting coloring contest


Presidential sundaes & peach sundae


Personality dolls plus hot fudge sundae & hot caramel sundae


The only place to get these Tastee-Freez treats

Wholesome hospitality coast-to-coast and ’round the world



Dip Top cones: Featured June 15 to 21

Malts and shakes: Featured June 1 to 7

Hawaiian Sundae: Tastee-Freez, topped with golden chunks of fresh pineapple and pure, creamy coconut. Featured May 25 to May 31

Banana split: Featured June 8 to 14

Enjoy this new doubly-delicious treat made from pure, fresh milk and cream and “frozen on the spot” just for you!

Special of the month: Double-wall Thermo Tumblers – 29 cents

You can own a Tastee-Freez store… and enjoy a good income and permanent security…

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