Old-fashioned Tastee-Freez ice cream shops: Remember these treats?

The old-fashioned Tastee-Freez ice cream shops

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Tastee Freez offers drinks, sandwiches, ice cream quickly (1956)

From the Lubbock Evening Journal (Lubbock, Texas) May 7, 1956

Many Lubbockites have discovered “just the place” for refreshing sandwiches, cold drinks and ice cream on spring days and nights. It’s Tastee Freez…

At this drive-in stand, thirsty and hungry Lubbockites find malts, shakes, sundaes, sodas, floats, sandwiches, root beer, orange drinks, sherbet and ice cream. Open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, Tastee Freez is further enjoyable because of the extremely fast service it offers.

People in a hurry find Tastee Freez just the place to eat. The variety is wide — and good — at this cafe, too. For example, seven different kinds of big, delicious sandwiches are offered. French fries and a good, thick malt or shake top off the meal to excellence.

LIFE Jun 25 1956 Tastee Freez

For persons planning a really fine picnic in the park, at the lake or in their own back yards, Tastee Freez is just the place to go.

The stand even provides quarts and pints of soft ice cream — and it sells Rochester Root Beer by the gallon.

Small fry, particularly, like the big cones which Tastee Freez offers in sizes from five cents to a quarter. The cones can be topped off, if the individual likes, with creamy chocolate.

Others enjoy the extra thick malts and shakes whipped out within seconds by this firm — and they like the price of only 25 cents which goes with this extra goodness.

Sundaes, sodas and ice cream floats are equally tasty and low-priced. The sundaes, moreover, come in a big variety to suit the wishes of each individual. Everybody in the car can get just what she or he wants when the stop is at Tastee Freez.

Mrs Bob Rainwater is the operator of Tastee Freez. During the past year, the goodness she packs into each sandwich, drink or ice cream cone has convinced scores of customers to come back again and again.

Banana Royale & “Swing Tassel” Clown Shaker

Stop at the sign of wholesome hospitality — Over 1600 stores, coast-to-coast and around the world

ice cream Jul 23 1956 Tastee Freez

All-star sundaes with baseball player toy figures

Enter this exciting coloring contest!  Try out your artistic skill. Paint color on these white plastic miniatures — charming, lifelike statuettes of famous American and National League all-star baseball players. You’ll enjoy doing it yourself, and you may win…

LIFE Apr 30 1956 Tastee Freez

Tastee-Freez week of sundaes

Strawberry, peach, snowball, chocolate, raspberry, pineapple, hot fudge

Chocolate topped Tastee Freez 1956

Personality dolls plus hot fudge sundae & hot caramel sundae

LIFE Sep 17 1956 Tastee Freez

The only place to get these Tastee-Freez treats

Wholesome hospitality coast-to-coast and ’round the world

vintage ad 1956 Tastee Freez

25 vintage ice cream flavors from the '50s


Dip Top cones: Featured June 15 to 21
Malts and shakes: Featured June 1 to 7
Hawaiian Sundae: Tastee-Freez, topped with golden chunks of fresh pineapple and pure, creamy coconut. Featured May 25 to May 31
Banana split: Featured June 8 to 14

Enjoy this new doubly-delicious treat made from pure, fresh milk and cream and “frozen on the spot” just for you!

Special of the month: Double-wall Thermo Tumblers – 29 cents

You can own a Tastee-Freez store… and enjoy a good income and permanent security…

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