See Thomas Edison’s mansion home, inside & out

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Inside Thomas Edison's home
Thomas Edison’s mansion in New Jersey housed both new inventions and priceless antiques. But it was much more than a showpiece: it was also where his children were born, and where the inventor himself took his last breath.

A look inside Thomas Edison’s huge house in New Jersey

Glenmont, the 13-1/2-acre estate that Thomas Edison purchased for his second wife in 1886, became a national monument in 1961.

Edison already had invented the first practical incandescent lamp and the phonograph when he purchased Glenmont, and h lived there until his death in 1931.

The estate was given to the federal government by the McGraw-Edison Company in 1959. The company and Edison’s children also donated the estate’s furnishings.

Glenmont - Thomas Edison's New Jersey home (3)

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It was in the master bedroom on the second floor of the 3-story mansion that three children were born and Edison died.

The mansion was built in 1880 for a New York executive. The elegance of detail includes cut stone steps leading to a porch that has ornamental tiled flooring and molded brick walls.

Beyond the solid-oak front door is the foyer from which rises the red mahogany grand staircase. Off the foyer are a small library and a reception room with a small pipe organ, which Edison enjoyed playing for relaxation.

From immense picture windows, the Edisons could look out onto their landscaped lawns and into the valley below.

Edison at Glenmont, his Llewellyn Park (NJ) home

A characteristic pose of Mr Edison seated in his favorite corner of the living room.

Glenmont - Thomas Edison at home

The dining room in Glenmont

Mr Edison has just finished luncheon.

Thomas Edison's home - Seen in 1916 (5)

The music room

A corner in the music room which contains a harp, a xylophone, a drum and a moving picture machine. The last throws pictures on a screen in another part of the room.

Thomas Edison's home - Seen in 1916 (2)

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Thomas Edison listening

Mr Edison is seen in the music room listening to a phonograph.

Thomas Edison's home - Seen in 1916 (3)

Portrait gallery

These photographs showing Mr Edison at varying ages, were saved from the fire at the Edison works.

Thomas Edison's home - Seen in 1916 (4)

Glenmont, Llewellyn Park, in winter setting

Thomas Edison's home - Seen in 1916 (1)

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The home’s exterior view showing extravagant details

Glenmont - Thomas Edison's New Jersey home (1)

Glenmont - Thomas Edison's New Jersey home (9)

Glenmont - Thomas Edison's New Jersey home (2)

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Glenmont - Thomas Edison's New Jersey home (4)

Glenmont - Thomas Edison's New Jersey home (6)

Edison’s historic antiques 

Among the treasures in this room is a grandfather clock from 1790

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Glenmont - Thomas Edison's New Jersey home (5)

Glenmont - Thomas Edison's New Jersey home (10)

Fireplace close-up

A coat-of-arms is carved into the wall over the fireplace.

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Glenmont - Thomas Edison's New Jersey home (7)

Thomas Edison’s garage

The two-story garage built for Mr. Edison at his home, Glenmont, is a good example of a poured concrete building of the early twentieth century with a good deal of decorative work on the exterior (cornices and pilasters). There was a turntable in the first floor. The second floor served as the servants’ quarters.

Glenmont - Thomas Edison's New Jersey home (11)

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Glenmont across the lawn

Glenmont - Thomas Edison's New Jersey home (8)

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