Remember these retro air-pop popcorn makers?

Retro air-pop popcorn makers

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For making a fast bowl of popcorn, these retro air-popper popcorn makers were the hot new things back at the end of the ’70s and into the early ’80s.

What made them different from traditional popcorn popping methods, namely the old-school technique of shaking a pot on the stove?

These newfangled small kitchen appliances popped the kernels of corn with hot air instead of oil, so they were easy to use and didn’t make much of a mess. (Many of the machines even had little wells to melt butter at the same time.)

In the seventies, that was enough to start a poppin’ fad. But unlike some short-lived trends — such as the Pet Rock or leg warmers — this one has lasted for more than 40 years.

Bet our popper can beat their popper. (1979)

Hot airy corn popping is a great idea — but make sure you get the best hot air popper: Presto PopCornNow continuous corn popper.

Worth shopping for… even worth waiting for. It has the features the others would have — if they’d thought of them.

Only the Presto popper lets you pop non-stop, as much or as little as you want. Pour in more popcorn even while popping. No waiting or measuring.

  • Hot air, not hot oil, explodes kernels into plump, crisp puffs of corn. No extra calories.
  • Popping chamber and chute remove and wipe clean easily.
  • Only the Presto popper butters automatically if you wish, with the exclusive ButterWell melter.
  • Great Presto styling. The look and performance of a well-engineered appliance — not a toy.

Presto -- PopCornNow corn popper (1979)

Retro air-pop popcorn makers: Wear-Ever Popcorn Pumper (1979)

Did you know that the Wear-Ever Popcorn Pumper is the electric hot-air cornpopper that started the craze for using hot air, not oil, right in your own home? 

Pop up a delicious, nutritious snack, super bowl after super bowl. Great companion for game watching.

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Wear-Ever -- Popcorn Pumper popcorn machine (1979)

The great taste of movie theater popcorn comes home (1980)

Time was you had to go to the movies to enjoy great-tasting popcorn. Now there’s the Wear-Ever Popcorn Pumper…. The great taste of movie theater popcorn. It took the Wear-Ever Popcorn Pumper to bring it home.

Wear-Ever Popcorn Pumper -- vintage popcorn machine (1980)

West Bend “Stir Crazy” corn popper with popcorn ball maker (1979)

Everything it takes to make great popcorn balls — on us! 

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West Bend -- Stir Crazy Corn Popper (1979)

Presto PopCornNow: For the best pops... (1980)

Presto PopCornNow continuous hot air corn popper… the gift people want the minute they see it.

Because it’s the Presto PopCornNow, you can pop as much or as little as you want… without stopping or measuring. Just pour popcorn into special self-feeding bin. Presto PopCornNow does the rest automatically.

Explodes each kernel with hot air, not hot oil or grease. Popped corn is crisp, light, naturally nutritious without extra calories oil adds.

Because it’s Presto PopCornNow, you can have hot, buttered popcorn if you wish. The ButterWell melter butters automatically as it pops.

Because it’s Presto PopCornNow, it has all the features everyone wants.

Presto PopCornNow -- retro popcorn maker (1980)


Black and Decker’s Spacemaker Corn Popper (1987)

An over-the-counter popcorn maker from the old Spacemaker kitchen product line

Black and Decker's Spacemaker Corn Popper (1987)

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  1. The stir crazy makes the best tasting popcorn. It cooks in oil so the salt sticks and you don’t have to add butter. Air popped tastes like Styrofoam. They still make a retro version that I use. Still the best.

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