Vintage Wacky Packages: Candy (1970s)

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Stickers – The desert candy

A play on Snickers (Wacky Packages sticker from 1974)



Curses Baby Runt

“Fastest eating candy” based on Curtis Baby Ruth candy bars (Wacky Packages sticker from 1979)



Bustedfinger broken candy

The Wacky Packs version of Butterfinger bars (Wacky Packages sticker from 1979)



Sugar Daffy – you’ll go nuts over it

A spoof version of Sugar Daddy caramel lollipops

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Gadzooka Sugarmess Bubble Gum

“Guaranteed to put on weight” version of Bazooka sugarless bubble gum



Tic Toc: Tiny time bombs

A Wacky Packs version of Tic Tac breath mints



Milk Muds: Makes milk taste just like mud

The wacky version of Milk Duds chocolate/caramel candy (Wacky Packages sticker from 1974)



You’ll put on pounds: Indescribably fattening

A play on Mounds coconut & chocolate candy bars (Wacky Packages sticker from 1973)



Only sold to Chumps

Wacky Packages version of Charms candy. (Wacky Packages sticker from 1973)



Shots – Delicious Gun Drops

Parody of Dots Gum Drops (Wacky Packages sticker from 1973)

Shots - Delicious Gun Drops

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