Spooky stickers 16 vintage Halloween sticker sheets from the seventies and eighties

Spooky stickers: 16 vintage Halloween sticker sheets from the seventies & eighties

Before individual stickers-by-the-yard became popular in the ’80s, sets like these Halloween sticker sheets were the big thing. They usually were sold at drugstores, supermarkets and Hallmark stores in packages with 4 identical sheets, with each one usually having at least 9 stickers you could peel from a waxy paper backing. Here’s a look back!
Vintage Halloween sticker sheets (1984)

1984-Hallmark-Halloween-stickers-cemetery tombstones

Vintage Halloween sticker sheets

Vintage Halloween sticker sheets - Characters and sayings for trick or treat and costumes

Vintage Halloween sticker sheets

Vintage Halloween sticker sheet - Cute characters

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Vintage Halloween sticker sheets – signs and slogans (1984)

1984-Hallmark-Halloween-stickers - signs and slogans

Trick or treat? Halloween sticker sheets and individual stickers becoming a popular replacement for candy

Adapted from an article by Caroline Beyrau in The Courier-News (Bridgewater, New Jersey) October 24, 1984

Halloween used to be a simple affair.

Kids would dress up like witches or bums or ghosts or some such, grab a big bag or sack and canvas neighborhoods for as much candy as they could carry. Sampling much of their loot along the way, they would eventually come home exhausted and sort through the gumballs, candy bars and lollipops that comprised their sweet Halloween haul.

Today, the youngsters still don all kinds of costumes and hope for loads of candy. But when it comes to trick-or-treating this year, some of the rules have changed. While Halloween trick-or-treating has bounced back from the low point in 1982, when incidents of poisoned Tylenol capsules and subsequent reports of other tainted consumer products caused many parents to keep their children at home, the scare does seem to have left its mark on Halloween practices.

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Along with old standbys like Milky Ways and M&Ms in the trick-or-treat bag, for instance, you’re likely to find more and more nonfood items like stickers, pencils, erasers and other small treats. They’re usually gifts from grown-ups who want to ensure that their Halloween treats are safe from contamination. Others, meanwhile, are concerned with nutrition and prefer to avoid sugar-laden candy…

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Central Jersey stores report increased sales of stickers, pencils and other small toys this Halloween season, with some merchants, like Loree’s Drug Store on Main Street in Bound Brook, meeting consumer demand by ordering more nonfood items this year. At Loree’s, Halloween stickers of cats, goblins, pumpkins and other characters new items for the store this year – are selling at a brisk pace, according to front store manager Bobi Smith. “The kids are hot on stickers these days anyway,” she said.

The stickers, which are tagged “safe and sugarless,” have their own display in the front of the store, Smith said. Other stores, like Jamesway in Flemington and Branchburg Pharmacy, also report strong Halloween sticker sales.

Home economists like Kiser consider such sales to be a good idea. “It solves the problems of nutritionists, and it solves the problem of people concerned with tainted foods,” she said. “I think it is a dynamite idea.

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At Woolworth’s on Main Street in Somerville, meanwhile, the traditional sales of candy are being joined this year by sales of packages of peanuts and crackers, according to store manager Stan Pearson.

This is the first year that the store has made those items part of their Halloween candy display, Pearson said, adding that they “seem to be moving pretty well.”

Vintage Halloween sticker sheets: Muppets/Sesame Street characters (1982)

Halloween sticker sheet with Muppets-Hallmark-1982

Vintage Halloween sticker sheets

Halloween Sticker Sheet - various characters pumpkins scarecrows

Disney’s Winnie the Pooh Vintage Halloween sticker sheet

Vintage Halloween sticker sheet - Winnie the Pooh characters

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Vintage Halloween sticker sheets: Cute characters in costume

Vintage Halloween sticker sheet - American Greetings characters

Hallmark-Halloween-stickers – characters in costume (1984)

1984-Hallmark-Halloween-stickers - characters in costume

Vintage Halloween sticker sheets

Vintage Halloween sticker sheets - Fuzzy bats

Vintage Halloween sticker sheets with cool neon designs by Lisa Frank

Vintage Halloween sticker sheet - Lisa Frank

Vintage Halloween stickers - Lisa Frank

Vintage Halloween sticker sheets

Vintage Halloween sticker sheet - Pumpkins and animals

Vintage Halloween sticker sheets

Vintage Halloween sticker sheets - Rectangular character stickers

Vintage Halloween sticker sheets

Vintage Halloween sticker sheets - The Peanuts characters

Vintage Snoopy & Peanuts stickers sheets (’70s & ’80s)

Vintage Halloween sticker sheets

Vintage Halloween sticker sheet - Watercolor animals

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