Cup-a-Soup debuted in 1972, and fast became a hot ’70s lunch option

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Cup-a-Soup debuted in 1972, and became a super-quick lunchtime staple (1972)

Introducing: Cup-a-Soup. The first real soup you cook up in a cup instantly.

Now you can make real soup in 8 seconds with Cup-a-Soup, from Lipton.

Just empty an envelope into a cup, add boiling water. Stir. And in an instant, you get a single serving of real soup. You’ll love all 5 flavors: Chicken Noodle, Tomato, Pea, Beef Flavor Noodle, Onion.

Introducing Cup-a-Soup-1972

Cup-a-Soup: Choose a soup!

Unless you are a very lucky mother, the beginning of the school year is filled with lunch bucket problems, especially when it comes to getting a hot, nourishing food included with the sandwiches and fruits. Compounding the difficulty 1s the fact that different children have different tastes.

Lipton Cup-a-Soup can solve it all for you — and so easily. Just empty a packet into a small thermos, add a cup of boiling water, and stir. There are five varieties, each packaged four packets to the box: chicken noodle, beef noodle, tomato, onion, and green pea.

Cup-a-Soup debuted in 1972, and became a super-quick lunchtime staple (1973)

Each one bursts instantly into a hearty soup, well-seasoned and “drinkable.” So, you see, you can make five different kinds at the same time, if you wish, without wasting an extra moment or movement, and without using any utensils except a teakettle and a spoon.

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These soups are equally delicious to the adult palate. For a quick energizer, a light lunch, a mid-afternoon snack, or an appetizer course at dinner, your shelf of Lipton Cup-a-Soup 1s ready to serve you at a moment’s notice. (Incidentally, the onion soup packet will make 1/2 pint of onion dip for your pupu table too.)

Lipton Cup-a-Soup is now on the shelves of markets and supermarkets throughout Hawaii. – Honolulu Star Bulletin (September 19, 1972)

Cup-a-Soup debuted in 1972, and became a super-quick lunchtime staple (1974)

Anytime you’re hungry — think Lipton Cup-a-Soup (1979)

When you’re having lunch with your typewriter.
To check your hunger ’til dinner.
As a great, great snack with the late, late show.

Anytime you're hungry-think Lipton Cup-a-Soup - 1979

Cup-A-Soup for a quick, warm meal

Want a quick pick-up on cold winter days — without fussin’? Try a Lipton Cup-A-Soup.

You’ll find four hearty flavors — each tastier than the last. All you do is all boiling water to one packet of Cup-A-Soup for a tummy-warming treat.

Vintage Lipton Cup-a-Soup ad

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