8 vintage sixties kitchens with Flair ranges: Pull-out electric stoves & glass oven doors that opened upwards

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Vintage kitchen appliances from 1961 - Frigidaire Flair pull-out range stove and ovens with glass doors that lift up

Flair ranges: New! Exciting! Years ahead! You’ll feel like a queen! (1960)

Now! A range with built-in glamour… without built-in expense!

Looks, cooks and cleans like nothing you’ve ever seen before! Moves right into the place of your present stove. Costs little or no more than a top-model conventional electric range!

Now! A revolutionary new design in electric ranges to glorify your present kitchen without built-in expense! Combines twin, glass-fronted ovens and new, slide-in cooking top in one cabinet.

Moves right into the place of your old range. No carpentering, no plastering, no additional wiring when replacing an electric range. No tearing-up of your kitchen. Incredible? It’s true!

GM Frigidaire Flair electric kitchen ranges and appliances from 1965

With “Flair,” you’ll cook without stooping with “See-Level” ovens and all controls at eye level. With “Flair,” you’ll cook at new comfort height on a roomy, full-size cooking top that disappears at a touch.

With “Flair,” you’ll bake, roast and broil with new ease. Exclusive, new-design oven doors glide up and out of the way. It’s so easy to put foods in and take them out!

With “Flair,” you’ll cook in new beauty. Oven interiors are brilliantly lighted. Control panel lights up. Whole oven front and cooking top are flooded with full-width fluorescent lamp.

With “Flair,” you’ll cook with new excitement. Show “Flair” with pride to all your neighbors. You’ll cook with all the new automatic features you can imagine. Models with automatic oven cooking, automatic roasting, automatic surface cooking without watching. Lady! You’ll love that range!

Vintage kitchen appliances from 1960 - Frigidaire Flair ranges with glass doors that lift up

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Flair ranges: The most beautiful thing that has ever happened to kitchens (1961)

“O-h-h-h…” You’ll exclaim when you see it. For “Flair” is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to kitchens.

Incredibly lovely. And so filled with easier-cooking, easier-cleaning features. And you can afford it. It’s designed for you and your kitchen!

Sits on a cabinet. Slides into place of your present range. Base cabinet optional at slight extra cost. Ask your Frigidaire Dealer about special cabinets to match your own kitchen.

New “Comfort-Height” cooking top slides out of sight. Disappears under special cover for neat, trim, flush-with-cabinets beauty. At new, scientific “comfort” height. Full-size. Accommodates all utensils. Room to spare.

30″ single-oven models and 40″ double-oven models, all 62″ high, including base cabinet. Roomy storage space in all cabinets. Choice of 4 different models in all. In white only, with control panel in beautiful color.

Vintage kitchen appliances from 1961 - Frigidaire Flair pull-out range stove and ovens with glass doors that lift up


Samantha Stevens of Bewitched (Elizabeth Montgomery) and her Flair Range

Even though Samantha could work magic, she still had one of these retro stove/ovens in her kitchen. (See more about Bewitched here!)

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Samantha Stevens of Bewitched (Elizabeth Montgomery) and her Flair Range

Flair ranges also come with single glass door ovens (1962)

Yellow vintage kitchen appliances from 1962 - Frigidaire Flair ranges - pull-out and doors that lift up

America’s most beautiful kitchens get their Flair from Frigidaire! (1962)

You can own the most beautiful cooking appliance you’ve ever seen — and be completely practical!

Flair Electric Range by Frigidaire looks built-in. But it’s not! It can be slipped into the place of your old electric range within minutes.

The handsome glass doors on the eye-level ovens glide up and out of your way — a Frigidaire Flair exclusive! (Shield your face from oven heat, too.)

Flair can give you many of the features you find on other Frigidaire Custom Imperial Ranges. The Spatter-Free Broiler Grill cuts down on grease spatter, makes cleaning easier than ever before. Automatic Broiler Grill Control lets you dial for steak rare, medium or well-done, exactly as you decide.

You’ll like the Easy Set Cook-Master automatic oven control. Just put food in the oven, turn two dials, select temperature. Dinner turns out exactly the way you want it, when you want it, automatically.

Flair comes in four different models. Your dealer will be happy to demonstrate these new arrivals in the Frigidaire family of Dependable Appliances. Visit him today to get the facts. Products of General Motors.

June 15, 1962 Flair ranges for the '60s kitchen

A Flair wall oven with eye-height controls and dual glass doors (1965)

Vintage kitchen appliances from 1965 - retro Flair ranges

Flair ranges for your kitchen (1965)

Give your kitchen dramatic “built-in” beauty without the muss and fuss of tearing out a wall. The incomparable Flair Electric Range installs in minutes on its own base cabinet (optional) or yours.

Both oven doors glide up, open safely out of the way of tall pots, your arms and shoulders. Cooking units slide away when not in use, completely hidden from sight.

Vintage kitchen appliances from 1965 - Flair-style pull-out stove and ovens with glass doors that lift up

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Delicious any way you look at it: Flair, by Frigidaire (1963)

Only Flair electric range has cooking units like this… units that slide back under a convenient work surface, completely hidden when not in use.

Retro kitchen appliances from 1963 - Flair ranges for the mid-century kitchen


Instant “Built-in” Beauty… Ranges by Frigidaire (1966)

Transform your kitchen with the incomparable Flair electric range. None of the nuisance or expense of building in. It installs in minutes on its own matched base cabinet, or yours.

Both oven doors glide up, safely out of the way of tall pots. Cooking units slide away when not in use, completely hidden from sight. Flair Ranges are also available in 30-inch single oven models at your Frigidaire dealer. They are products of General Motors.

Yellow kitchen with built-in Flair range and ovens from the late 1960s

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15 Responses

  1. I am looking for a 1965or 66 GE electric drop in range it had a step down surface top on it and it was a real good stove.Can you direct me to the right place to find this stove.

    Thank you very much,

    Mark L Adkisson.

  2. I had the pink one and loved it! Sadly, I left it in my former house. Where I moved, there was not room for it. Miss it so much.

    1. Do you still have your Flair oven for sale? My mother loved hers ….. she passed away 35 years ago and we are still using it ….. unfortunately we need to replace it or find parts for it ……..

      1. I have a flair stove for sale.. 40” double over on cabinet and with range hood… everything works.. model number RCIB-645-2 and serial number 47c19915… can’t find any info on it… looks good and works well! [email protected] and I can sent pics and videos

        1. Hello, how are you?
          Do you still have the 40” oven/range available? Does it work well?
          If so, how much and where are you located?
          I’d appreciate to hear back from you. Thank you.

    2. Do you have a picture of your 1960 Flair Custom Imperial? Does everything still work on it? What State are you in? What are you asking for it? Do you still have it?

      1. Raymond,
        I am just looking at this thread of comments and questions about the Flair. I am helping my sister remodel her home in Boardman, Ohio and we have one in our kitchen. The ovens have never been used and are in pristine condition. The pull out electric burner top has been used of course and need cleaned..perhaps a coil replaced.

        Are. you still looking to buy one?

        I can be reached at [email protected]


    1. Hello Alexandra, do you still have the Flair oven/range available?
      Does it work?
      How much do you want for it?
      And yes pictures would appreciated! Thank you!

  3. I have a Frigidaire Custom Imperial range. I am trying to find the Rotisserie accessory for the oven. If someone has one they would like to sale please contact me or if you know of where one can be found please let me know.
    My email address is: [email protected]

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