Vintage Corning Corelle dishes from the ’70s & ’80s are plates full of memories: See dozens of vintage patterns

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Corelle - Corningware dishes - Vintage from 1980s (1)

Never has a set of dishes done so much for so little (1974)

Corelle Livingware by Corning is translucent. Like fine china. It’s tougher than china or earthenware. The pattern won’t wear off in the dishwasher. No matter how hot the water gets. 

Corelle Livingware Corning

  • Corelle Livingware by Corning is translucent. Like fine China.
  • The pattern won’t wear off in a dishwasher. No matter how hot the water gets.
  • Cups stack without teetering. Take up less room.
  • It’s tougher than china or earthenware.
  • Corelle is so light, and stacks so easily, you can carry a full set to the table.
  • It even rings like China.
  • We designed a handle that keeps your husband’s big fingers away from the bowl, so they can’t get burned.
  • It’s more than just oven-proof, it’s microwave oven-proof.

Even if you should manage to break one of our dishes, well never break our promise. The Corning Promise  — Corning promises to replace without charge any piece of Corelle Livingware that should break, craze, chip or stain during two years of normal household use.

A 20-piece service for 4 starts at $19.95.* Or buy it by the piece.

Livingware by Corning

*Corelle Livingware costs from $19.95 to $23.95, depending on pattern, and is available in Winter Frost White, Snowflake Blue, Spring Blossom Green, Butterfly Gold and Old Town Blue. Corelle is a registered trademark of Corning Glass Works, Corning, New York, USA

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Vintage ’70s Corelle dish patterns from the seventies

Corelle dish patterns from the seventies

Pyrex Ware: Old Town Blue (early 1970s)

Vintage Corningware Corelle c1973

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Corelle Expressions Livingware (1977)

Delicious dishes fresh from the garden: Meadow – Blue Heather – April – Indian Summer patterns

Corelle Expressions Livingware (1977)

Corelle Expressions Livingware (1978)

Wildflower decoration plates, cups, baking dishes, coffee pot, casseroles & more

Corelle Expressions Livingware plates and dishes (1978) - Wildflower

Vintage do-it-yourself Corelle dish sets (1978)


Design a set of Corelle Livingware you’ll have for years. Or add to the Livingware you’ve had for years.

With this handy, do-it-yourself planner, a set of CORELLE Livingware can be anything you want it to be. A boxed 20-piece service for four. An unboxed service for eight. Or a complete service for 12, with two sugar and creamer sets.

You can keep everything in the same pattern. Or mix patterned dishes with white accessories. Or vice versa. And don’t worry about your pattern being discontinued. Even if it is, well stock it for at least two years after.

Vintage Corning Corelle dish sets from 1978 (2)

To use this planner, simply fill in how many pieces you want in the box next to the item and pattern of your choice. Then take this page to your dealer. No matter what you choose, it’s all the same CORELLE Livingware. The incredibly-tough dishes with the look, feel and “ring” of china. CORELLE Livingware by Corning. We designed the dishes. You design the set. Tested and recommended for microwave use by Corning.

Vintage Corelle dishes shown: Serving platters – Large plate – Medium plate – Small plate – 10-ounce bowl – 18-ounce bowl – 1 quart serving bowl – 2 quart serving bowl – Saucer – Stack cup – Sugar and creamer set

Vintage Corning Corelle dish sets from 1978 (3)

Vintage Corning Corelle dish sets from 1978 (1)

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Butterfly gold Corelle Livingware and glassware from 1979

Butterfly gold Corelle Livingware and glassware from 1979

Vintage Corning Corelle dishes – Plates, bowls, cups (1981)

Four new traditions that will last for years: Our new Corelle Traditions livingware carries on the traditions we’ve always upheld.

Beauty. And durability. Each piece resists chipping, fading, breaking and staining. And the patterns are classic, right down to the matching, easy-to-handle cups. So bring new Traditions dinnerware to your table. You’ll find it will last for years. Corning – Corelle Traditions

Corelle - Corningware dishes - Vintage from 1980s (1)

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America’s old favorite cookware now goes with America’s new favorite dinnerware

The famous Pyrex Ware women have loved since 1916 and the Corelle Livingware they’ve loved since 1971 have just gotten together.

Now Pyrex Ware comes to your table in those three beautiful Corelle Livingware patterns you’ve been buying by the millions. Spring Blossom Green. Snowflake Blue. And Butterfly Gold. And not just in Pyrex brand bakeware. In bowl sets. Bakeware. Salt & Pepper Sets. Drinkware. And even a covered butter dish.

Which means, from now on, everything you bake with and serve from go together perfectly. At a perfect price ($1.49 and up). Pyrex Ware Compatibles and Corelle Livingware. Both from Corning. A new old favorite is about to begin in America. Pyrex- brand Compatibles. They look like Corelle Livingware.

Vintage Corning Corelle and cookware 1972

Woodland Corelle livingware from Corning

Corelle - Corningware dishes - Vintage from 1980s (3)

Corningware dishes from Joy detergent (1982)

Corning dishes from Joy detergent (1982)

Corelle Dinnerware from 1984

Everyone knows about the legendary durability of Corelle dinnerware. But you may not know that now Corelle dinnerware has more beautiful patterns than ever before.

Choose from florals in a wide variety of color schemes. Or select from an equally impressive array of contemporary dinnerware with color-coordinated bands. But there’s more…

Patterns shown below: A. Cinnamon, B. Slate, C. Heather, D. Morning Blue, E. Old Town Blue, F. Indian Summer, G. Forget-Me-Not, H. Meadow, I. Oriental Wood, J. Floral Spray, K. Solitary, L. Colonial Mist. Additional patterns available

Retro Corning Corelle from 1984

Corningware: 1 billion dishes – and counting

By Tom Page, Star-Gazette (Elmira, New York) March 1, 1984

CORNING, NEW YORK — As whistles tooted at 2:22 p.m. Wednesday — or thereabouts, depending on how you set your watch — the Corning Glass Works Pressware Plant set its lofty sights on two billion.

What else can it do after turning out one billion pieces of Corelle dinnerware? The plant did just that at about yesterday afternoon, celebrating the event by blowing its own whistle.

Asked at a press conference if he was now going for two billion, plant manager Gary K. Emmick smiled and said, “Yes, starting today.”

When asked for a dollar estimate on a billion pieces of Corelle, Emmick shrugged and said, “I haven’t got one off the top of my head, but it’s big.”

He wasn’t asked for an estimate of how many meals had been served on all that Corelle ware.

Corningware Corelle plates from 1981 (2)

Emmick and Alan F. Donnelly, director of consumer information, held a ceremony for the media in the Pressware Plant auditorium to commemorate the occasion.

Local newspaper, radio and television people were given safety goggles and earplugs, then escorted on a tour of the facility, which employs 575 persons.

Accompanying them were Earl Givin, president of Local 1000, American Flint Glass Workers Union; Kenneth Jobe, plant manufacturing engineer; and Richard Jack, product superintendent.

“That’s a big number, and we’re very proud of that,” Emmick said in his opening remarks.

Market researchers claim Corelle dinnerware is in one of four American households, said Emmick.

Corningware 1 billion dishes - and counting 1984

From its start with Corelle Livingware in 1970, said Emmick, the plant has progressed to two new lines: the earthenware look of CornerStone, and ComCor commercial ware marketed in hotels, resorts, hospitals, schools and restaurants.

Emmick said CornerStone “will be a major segment of our production in years to come.” He added that ComCor “has almost taken over the market.”

The Pressware Plant was built in 1938 for Pyrex baking ware, producing millions of pressed ovenware items for 10 years. Then it produced television bulbs and bulb funnels until 1969.

Corningware Corelle plates from 1981 (1)

On the tour of the plant, reporters saw long lines of conveyor belts carrying plates, cups and dishes, being stamped with trademarks, and placed in automated machines that painted on the designs.

They also viewed a gigantic melting tank and a large control room filled with gauges to monitor quality control.

Emmick pointed to a huge sign bearing what looked like colored traffic lights, which he said will tell him if certain items aren’t up to snuff.

Corningware Corelle Livingware 1983

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Discover Corelle for ’86

Corelle for 86 - Vintage plates and dishware (1)

Vintage Corelle Cornerstone

If you mistake it for stoneware, you’ll miss its real beauty.

Corelle for 86 - Vintage plates and dishware (5)

Corelle Livingware (1986)

Great-looking fashions that can take what you dish out.

Now Livingware has great new patterns to suit your style. Whiever you choose is a pleasure to live with every day… Choose from 12 attractive styles, all with a new microwavable mug.

Corelle for 86 - Vintage plates and dishware (2)

Retro Corning dishes: Corelle Natural Images

They won’t lose their natural good looks

Discover the Natural Images collection. It’s designed with the natural earth-toned look of stoneware. And while it adds new elegance to entertaining, it also lives up to the knocks of everyday life.

Corelle for 86 - Vintage plates and dishware (3)

From 1986: New Corelle Design Images

Fashion plates that keep their image.

Corelle for 86 - Vintage plates and dishware (4)

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