Try one of these 14 decadent Valentine’s Day desserts & celebrate love!

Decadent Valentine's Day desserts - vintage recipes

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Valentine’s Day treats: A tradition of decadence

There is never a bad time to show your people how much they’re loved, but Valentine’s Day is the day to celebrate love. And we say what better way to honor this than with delicious Valentine’s Day desserts?

Many people believe that Valentine’s Day, as its been celebrated for centuries, was influenced by the ancient Roman fertility festival called Lupercalia, which coincidentally, fell every year on the 15th of February.

The Romans were known for their great feasts and offerings, which usually included lots of wine and sweets, so it doesn’t seem like a stretch, given how much we celebrate February 14 by indulging lavishly in sweets — and possibly wine, too!

(But for the record, historians think Lupercalia and Valentine’s Day are unrelated and that the date similarity is truly just a coincidence. For one thing, Lupercalia was more brutal and bloody than romantic.)

In any case, today — and for most of American history — our Valentine’s Day traditions extend beyond celebrating only our relationship partners.

Pink Valentine's Day cake - WIlton decoration

Celebrate love with delicious homemade Valentine’s Day desserts

Valentine’s Day celebrations now include parents and grandparents, siblings and children, friends and classmates or coworkers — anyone we especially care about and to whom we want to extend a token of our affection.

A lot of us celebrate with Valentine’s Day treats like flowers, candy, cards, and gift baskets. But there are many other ways to show your loved ones how much you care on this special day.

One of our favorite traditions is making homemade sweet treats for our Valentine/s. You might start with heart-shaped sandwiches for breakfast or brunch, heart-shaped sandwiches for lunch or a snack.

Just make sure you knock their socks off at some point in the day with one of these decadent Valentine’s Day desserts!

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Valentine's Day decor in the 1950s

Valentine’s Day dessert ideas

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