Celebs sign it with Sheaffer pens (1976)

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Hank Ketcham (Dennis The Menace) signs it with a Sheaffer

When your pen looks like it was designed for a space flight, it’s hard to come up with a tired, old idea. And how can you be dull when you’re using the shiniest pen you ever saw?

The Sheaffer 2002. It promotes bright, new ideas for only $5. You can have it as a refillable ballpoint or marker with a Tektor tip. And either way, as the ink flows, so will your creative juices.

Hank Ketcham (Dennis The Menace) signs it with a Sheaffer pen


(Baseball player) Willie Mays signs it with a Sheaffer

Willie Mays Sheaffer


(Playwright) Tennessee Williams signs it with a Sheaffer

Tennessee Williams signs it with a Sheaffer

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